ACCIDENT NEWS : SHOCKING: pastor accused of murdering his pregnant wife.

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By Nelson Amaobi Osuala. 07.04.2015,  08:46am
A Ghanian self proclaimed prophet and evangelical preacher has been arrested on suspicion of murdering his pregnant British wife in a hotel room.

The body of the deceased, Charmain Adusah, 41, was found Dead in a hotel bath face down where she was alleged to have been lying for four days. Her husband, Eric Isaiah Adusah, was alleged to have left the hotel room hurriedly on the said day just like someone that is been chased by a Ghost. He told hotel managers on his way out that his three – month wife was ill and would not like to be disturbed.

A closed family friend said that Mr Adusah, 28,flew back to london but later returned to Ghana after his wife’s body was found by concerned hotel staff.

Now, Mr Adusah is being held in police custody in Ghana on suspicion of murdering his wife, whom He married suddenly last september, following a whirlwind romance. Family members and friends confessed that such a swift wedding was a great shock for all of them.

Prior to the time of the incident at the hotel z, reports had It that the couple had argued at the starting of the trip and that Mr Adusah had consequently booked himself into another hotel alone, leaving her to stay with their conference host, Bishop Yaw Adu.

Mr Adusah, who was until this time the leader of Global light Revival Ministries based in Tottenham, north London was described in a conversation with journalists as a ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’, stressing that the husband had brain washed his wife.

The couple had travelled to Ghana early this month so that He, Mr Adusah could preach in a 3-day religious conference hosted by the controversial evangelist ‘Bishop John Yaw Adu, who has been exposed for chaining up mentally ill patients of prayer camps for days on end in the guise to heal them through prayer.