BREAKING NEWS : Imo State Elections.. Almost Ready To Be Announced, Incumbent Governor Rochas Okorocha Blazing The Trail.

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By Nelson Amaobi Osuala
25th of April 2015, 10:11pm

APC’s Governorship Candidate Rochas Okorocha wins in His Orlu District amongst others. Speculations show that he is likely to emerge as Governor of Imo State for the second time.

Analysis of supplementary polls informs that the Incumbent Governor, Rochas Okorocha must have done His homework well to have attained this lofty height.

Taking a retrospect, we are reminded that His Excellency, the Governor had Metamorphosed repeatedly from parties like ANPP , to APGA ,and to PDP and now APC. This reveals to my mind that the Incumbent Governor must have with foresight and perseverance pursued and followed the progressive winning party.

Shall we then call this act the bandwagon philosophy of progression?  This is a question we need to grapple upon meticulously. 

Without much ado, I think from the issues about Nigeria, we are not just interested in the party but in the person of the party.

Whether the Incumbent Governor of Imo State will finally emerge as Governor of Imo State or no, is not for me to say.. Lets seat back and see how the cards play out.