Enugu teenager murders cousin in cold blood on Easter sunday blame the Devil for the Act

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By Nelson Amaobi Osuala 
7th of April, 2015, 2:31pm
It is surprising How people engage in all sorts of evil and then blame the Devil for the teleological consequence of such activities and misfortune. The ‘ innocent’ Devil on the other hand, would keep asking the almighty to avenge him of the numerous accusations levelled upon him by the Sons of men. 
It is from the foregoing that we hope to narrate to our teeming readers the incident that took place in Enugu state on (an Easter sunday) the 5th of April, 2015.

The alleged crime took place in Orji River, LGA of Enugu state. It was reported that on the fateful day, Ifeanyi Ihejika shot his own cousin with a locally made pistol and absconded . He was however apprehended by the police on suspicion of the murder.

Ebere Amaraizu, the spokesman of the Enugu state police command, confirmed the development adding that the weapon had been recovered from the suspect upon detention.

With this kind of thing happening, one cannot stop but question whether this Act is not politically engineered going by the fact that the political climate of our nation is replete with such gruesome acts of ritual killings, robbery incident, kidnaps, rapes etc just to mention a few.

Reflecting on this sad incidence, we are curious to ask:How on earth do we explain the logic behind this evil act thus perpetrated by this young boy? 
Is It actually the case that the Devil himself has a hand in this gruesome act as he alleged?

  To my mind, i keep wondering how the Devil (a spirit being) could directly instigate and possibly interfere with a physical entity from a different category to perpetrate an act of murder? Is it the Devil that pulled the trigger? Nonetheless, To paraphrase the very words of the contemporary philosopher of language, Gilbert Ryle, the above argument is no other than the fallacy of what i may call ‘unholy categorisation of beings’ which argues against the thesis that entities from different categories say for instance spiritual and physical can interact so closely with each other .

Premised upon the foregoing, i am therefore at a pole position of a vantage point to say that, often times than not, different lies have been told about this Devil of a person. 
Today we see people engage in stealing, and if caught they would blame the Devil. Others would engage in malpractices and all forms of moral decadence and later blame It on the Devil who if allowed to have a fair say, would no doubt deny such accusation as false and baseless, affirming that they are all lies couched under the guise to discredit his person.

Without much ado, the exact motives of the murder are yet to be ascertained as investigations are still on. We hope to keep you abreast with the aftermath of this incidence as they unfold.