INTERVIEW: How I Plan To Rule Nigeria, Buhari Explains To The Youths.

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By William Oyo-Ita 9 April 2015

Nigerians more than before have come to realise there challenges with the present leadership of the country from economic to border relations, health and safety, security, food and control, education to mention a few. Before May 28th the political campaign rallies for two heavy weight party candidates were one of Nigerians most competitive ever. From social media attacked coming from both side to traditional media discussions and as they canvass for votes. One of the most striking events however was when Gen Buhari of the APC and President Goodluck of the PDP met in Abuja with Kofi Anan amongst smiles, hugging and heavy laughter. Watching the clip of both men having a happy emotional time would keep you wondering why Nigerians are even fighting at all.

Before now, both parties have accused one another at some point, but nothing sits more than to hear from the horse’s mouth which is why, an NGO which believes in empowering disenfranchised Nigerians and financially supporting youth growth and development took time out to speak to the General before the general elections on youth empowerment, insurgency, security and more. Malama Hafsatu Shinkafi, Founder of I am change got a rare one on one with the General and this is what he had to say:

·         My leadership and government of the APC will not be left to a few, it will be inclusive.
·         We will improve on agriculture and mining as this will help combat unemployment.
·         We will develop a system of education that employs only qualified teachers.
·         We will improve and increase support for entrepreneurs through foundation institutions and soft loans so they too can employ others.
·         In the area of health, child labour we will introduce think tanks at all levels to swiftly address the challenging issues.
·         As for security in the Nation, all security forces will be strengthened and quickly imorived.
Malama Hafsatu Shinkafi is a young Nigerian who is eager about driving change from where Nigeria is to where it ought to be. advocates the message of constant self-reflection; the act of looking within to change the vice in one’s character and to further acquire great virtues that will aid in having a better society.