NEWS : Another Obituary, 4 Nigerian Students Discovered Lifeless In Georgia.

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By Nelson Amaobi Osuala 
10.04.2015 , 11:51pm

It is no longer news that there is an alarming rate of mortality in Africa. Sometimes we cannot stop but wonder whether It is not the case that the Almighty has forgotten the African continent with particular focus of our dear country Nigeria.

Today, the media is replete with different cases of deaths either by murder or manslaughter. Others are cases of suicide, Genocide, patricide, matricide, etc as the list is endless.

It was barely three days ago since we informed our readers of the murder at the Hotel in Ghana were a supposed pastor was accused of murdering his 41 year old pregnant wife in a Hotel bath.  The story you are about to hear is about another death case to which we are careful in ascertaining conclusively the exact cause of death. 

According to our Source , death has been announced of four (4) Nigerian Students in an apartment located at Vazha – Pshavela Avenue in the Georgian capital of Tbilisi.

Our respondent has it that three(3) of the boys were students of the Tbilisi State Medical University and the fourth of the University of Georgia. 
According to the State’s Police report, the students died from gas poisoning alleged to have emanated from a faulty water heater in the apartment.

But my country people, ” shey you think say na true dis Police dem dey talk?” I am of the opinion that there is more to this story as reported by the Police.

Come to think of It,  ” wetin we Nigerians neva drink before sef? Shey na kerosine or na gutter water,  at least we drink dat one, wen we dey small. Na who go belief dat kind story say a typical Omo Naira, an aje past, to be precise, die from common ‘gas poison’ from water heater? Haba! Make una think am nah?

I am not suggesting that it is not possible for these youngsters to have lost their lives through gas poisoning , i am however challenging the logic of such reports with a view to obtaining a broadened horizon of the exact true story behind the incidence, as all things are not real as they may appear, chikina!

Going back to our story, friends of the victims who were also Nigerians were reported to have alerted the Police when they became worried sick for having not seen nor heard from their room mates all day to which they said was quite unusual.

They therefore called the police who broke into the students  apartment and found their bodies Lifeless. The bodies have been taken to the National Forensic Bureau to help carry out a Post Mortem. 
We shall keep you updated as we gather further information.. Expect details later…