ROMANCE: Check out.. Ladies, Silly Things You Should Stop Doing When You Are 25years & Above

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Age doesn’t define maturity but that’s NOT a good excuse for a marriageable lady to be delusional in her thoughts and reasoning

This write-up is NOT written for you to pat me on the back cos I know that many ladies intensely dislike hearing the truth, therefore, they will rain curses and have me hated for this write-up but who cares ?

I’ve got no time at all

Let’s get to business

1. Keeping Of Magas
The notion that ladies are naturally favoured has turned many ladies into beggar, however, the only difference between some of them and the malams we see on the streets begging for alms is location. If at 25, you are still keeping magas, I’m sowi your enemies in your village are still using your photography to fan themselves

2. Over-bloated Ego
That many male species are stalking you both offline and online does not mean the chase will never end for as long as you live. However, it’ s not about the quantity of people toasting you but their personality. More so, it’s also paramount to remember the law of demand, cheap goods attract many buyers

3 I Don’t Take Nonsense Attitude
I can’t but shake my head each time I see ladies with a display of arrogance under the cloak of “I don’t take nonsense’. They don’t want to take nonsense from hostel mates, mother-in-law, church members, neighbours, friends and family members; but little do the they know that there will be a particular stage in their life when they have to swallow their over-bloated pride and eat, drink and bath with NONSENSE at the expense of peace keeping

4. Using Childish Names As Facebook Names
I must say that only kids should be caught adding prefixes such as Lipstickgirl, sugarpie Susan. Ooooh common you suppose don pass this level na

5. Being Too Artificial
Have you ever wondered why most men decide to settle down with ladies with appear natural ? You fix eye lashes, wear waist chain, bleach, tattoo your body and you cat walk from street to street showing how sophisticated you are. I’m sowi, even the man destined for you from Heaven may swerve you into the BRT lane

6. Criticizing The Wedding Of Others
Several times, I have overheard many ladies lashing the wedding ceremony of others, for example, how the bride’s wedding gown doesn’t match with the shoe and so on. Haba !! If all you could do is attend a wedding ceremony and come back discussing how the maggi, salt and other ingredients are not sufficient

7. Screening Men Like Maltina Dance Hall Audition
The way some ladies screen men due to their high taste, you will keep wondering who will later tie their knot. However, they are not interested in what you will offer them in as much as you are not wearing a versace shirt which costs about to 100k. When the age of marriage keep ticking, you will see them joing the choir unit, ushering unit and other units in church

8. Appearing As Sex Object
In recent time, I don’t blame men who regard all ladies as sex objects because many ladies have shown that once a lady offers a man sex, she has also invested in the relationship

9 Money Grubbing Habit
The fact that men are born to cater for the need of ladies has made many of them too dependent that they become so lazy and qucikly put their financial problem on their male suitors. Even if you like money, you should not show desperation ot appear like a money grubber, else, you may be ridiculed

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