‘MESSAGE FOR THE TIME’: A first class poetry that gets you thinking

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President Muhammadu Buhari addressing the press

Offum Peter Francis|6 November 2016

Like Habakkuk,
Please take the message,
It's a message for the time,
It's a message of peace,
Take it to Nigeria!

Take the message,
Run with it…,
Go to the nooks and crannies of Nigeria,
From North to South,
East to West,
Spread the message of unity…!

Spread the message,
Diffuse it,
Shout it,
Scream it,
Preach it,
Don't get tired,
Spread the message of oneness!

From the deserts of Sokoto,
Move on to the grasslands of the middle belt,
Go on to the forests and creeks of the South,
Meet the people,
Pass on the message!

Go to the stately homes in Abuja,
Move on to the palatial homes in Lagos,
Go to the thatched homes,
Go everywhere,
Spread the message of peace…!

Swim through rivers,
Climb through mountains,
Trek through jungles,
Descend through valleys,
Do one thing….
Spread the message of peace,

Spread the message,
Do it without fear,
Shout it, scream it,
Let it explode like a bomb,
Like the eruption of an active volcano,
Like a rumbling thunder,
Like rushing waters,
Like rising tides,
Like the blast of an intercontinental ballistic missile…

This is the message,
We have one identity,
We have a shared humanity,
Let's live in *UNITY!*

Offum Peter Francis
Is a Social Commentator who contemplates via poetry