Recession Makes Buhari Ban 1st Class air tickets for DGs of Ministries, Agencies & Others- Suggests Economy Class Only

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Nelson A.Osuala [9 November 2016]

The present economic crisis in Nigeria have raised the consciousness of the Federal Government to take drastic measures towards securing a better tomorrow.

It was this quest for viable alternatives towards ameliorating the socioeconomic imbroglio to which our Nation is unduly infected that have led the  Federal government to cut down on some bogus expenditures and pleasures from carefree vacations and travels by Directors of government agencies and parastatals.

In view of this, the federal Government has directed that all DGs in the various Ministries and MDs of Federal parastatals are to henceforth fly only economy class for any of their local or international engagements. As that would help cut down on excess expenditures.

Our correspondence learnt that according to a circular sent out on November 2nd to all the Ministries and parastatals, which reads:

“In view of the ensuing budgetary and fiscal challenges faced by the Federal Government arising from low oil revenue, it has become necessary to review the Guidelines for Local and International Travels as provided for in Circular Ref. No. SGF. 6/S.2/X/545 of 31st March, 2016 with a view to further prune recurrent expenses on travels and tours.

Accordingly, Government has decided that all Civil and Public Servants in the rank of Directors and below in Federal Ministries, Departments and Agencies as well as Chief Executive Officers (Managing Directors, Executive Secretaries, Directors-General, etc) of Federal Government Parastatals, Agencies and Institutions are henceforth to travel on Economy Class for both Local and International travels.

Similarly, all non-executive Chairmen and members of Federal Government Boards of Parastatals are henceforth to travel Economy Class".

Do you think this is a step in the right direction? Tell us your take.

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