Tottenham Manager Mauricio Pochettino Affirms Record Signing Moussa Sissoko Does Not Deserve To Play

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Ekun Samuel, 29 November 2016

After the loss to league leaders Chelsea at the Bridge, Pochettino was asked the were about of the club's record signing as he wasn't reported injured before the game. Sissoko was recruited by Pochettino himself and he has come out to take responsibility for his actions. He responded to Sissoko's where about when asked:

"He was at home," the Tottenham manager said. "He wasn't here. Football is not about money. It is about you being better and that you show on the training ground that you are better than another teammate and that you deserve to be involved or not.

"We can see in football different things that happen. You sign a player and then you expect something and you don't find what you expected. … Just because we pay money for someone they deserve to play?"