CALABAR 2016 CARNIVAL: Why is Senator Liyel Imoke, Missing in Action when Sen. Akpabio, Duke & Others are Present.


Nelson A.Osuala [29 December 2016] In the hit of all the calabar festive carnival celebrations, wherein eminent personalities from virtually all works of life within and outside the shores of Nigeria, are present and having a fun fair in the Calabar Street Carnival, one still wonders where in the world, the erstwhile Governor of Cross river State, Sen. Liyel Imoke is? We have seen Politicians, Movie artiste and renowned personalities like Senator Godswill Akpabio who seems to have left the comfort of Akwa Ibom State so to speak and have traveled to join the celebration, It stands to reason that the absence of Sen. liyel Imoke should not be excused. This is not because he does not have his freewill but rather because, as i suppose, it is incumbent upon him to have graced the remarkable  event. You ask me why? He is a Son of the soil; He should be present, but where in the world could he be then? No one seems to have seen him anywhere close to the "centre of attraction", to wit, the Calabar Paradise City. Could it be that he is unavoidably absent for this year's festive funfair?
If yes, For what reason? Could it be that he is attending to some pressing matters of national concerns? But how "National" would they be? How (if any) can duty be calling when virtually all stakeholders and political commandoes as well as most eminent personalities seems to be converging at the paradise city for the salivating and fascinating biggest street party carnival in Nigeria and beyond? Something must be wrong somewhere, if you ask me. I do not want to be tempted to say that the former Governor is probably afraid of 'gate crashing' or seems to be perturbed about what the masses' reaction would be, Should he decide to join the celebration. Would he be welcomed with open arms by his own people or disgraced on the other hand. Could his worry subsist upon the 'ripple effects' generated by his style of leadership when he occupied the corridors of power in the state which saw the paradise city transformed into what I am inclined to call "an ugly beauty". Come to think of it, many Critics as well as Cross river based Economic analysts have attributed the setbacks of today's Calabar economy as being tied to the Ex- Governor of Cross river State's (Imoke)  failure to lead a lasting Legacy just like his predecessor, Donald Duke did. Does this suspicion confirm my earlier adduced reasons why He (Sen. Liyel Imoke) did not and will not attend any of such grand breaking fun fair in the State? Your guess is probably as good as mine. I Should therefore like the skeptics..reserve my judgment.! Nelson A.Osuala
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