JUST IN: Bloodshed, looting, maiming ongoing in Calabar South, one reportedly dead (Graphic photo)

This life was reportedly lost today morning 
Efio-Ita Nyok|27 January 2017
There is an ongoing cult gangs rivalry now around Eyo Ita axis by Edibe Edibe Road in Calabar South NegroidHaven can report.

An account by popular public policy analyst, Ifere Paul, who has a knack for reporting such incidents has it that, ‘The area is like a war zone right now.’

Meanwhile, one Ruth Ekeng a Calabar South resident whose family house is located at Ansa Ewa by Calabar Road about 30 minutes ago noted that there’s bloodshed ongoing right now at the afore mentioned axis. According to her, ‘Am so pissed right now. The bloodshed isn’t funny…So much chaos going on in my LGA.’ Ekeng Inyang who goes by the name Andrea Inyang on Facebook just said, ‘Serious bloodshed ongoing in Calabar South…right now. Mass raids and looting #CultRivalry’.
The author just received a call about 25 minutes ago telling him how Nelson Mandela Road, Webber Street, Atu Street and adjoining areas are under raids by hoodlums. In fact, according to the caller about 13 boys were seen to have retired to Lutheran Primary School to proceed with the third round of looting and unleashing mayhem on the unsuspecting public.

I am calling on security agencies to rise up to their game of curbing the darkness spreading already depriving the peace loving residents and indigenes of tranquility! The unholy blend of a biting recession and insecurity is not funny. 
Efio-Ita Nyok
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