Angry Mum Pours Hot Pot of Soup on 13 Yr Old Daughter


Pic1: Joyce (The Victim)
Pic 2: Tricia(Mother) Nelson A.Osuala[8 March 2017] A young woman has been arrested in Benin by the men in Uniform for allegedly pouring  a pot of hot soup on her 13 year old daughter yesterday, Tuesday. The accused mother (Tricia Oterneghoro), was said to have poured the hot soup on Joyce Emmanuel,her 13 year old daughter for daunting her command not to pass the night in neighbour's house. According to our source, the young girl argued that she wanted to go have her bath the previous night, when her mom warned her not to go but she rather insisted. But on returning from the bathroom, her mother had already shut the door behind her, leaving her in the cold; and all efforts for her to open up after several bangs at the door proved abortive.. as the only option was to take solace in their neighbour's apartment. However, the next morning, her mother stormed into the neighbour's room with a pot of hot soup and poured it on her. According to a neighbour who confirmed the incidence, by arguing thus: "I heard the noise and was forced to run outside, before we came out, we found out that this little girl was screaming, crying and shouting. Even the mother that did this thing didn't even care or act like she is a human being"
Eyewitnesses and neighbours further described the woman as a wicked person who is fond of maltreating the young girl. However, the girl's mother contended and defended her actions saying she had warned neighbours not to allow her daughter sleep in their house. So when she saw her the following morning she got angry and poured her the soup. She also claimed she didn't know what came over her. The incident occurred in the capital city of Edo state and  it has been reported to the police  who are handling it as a case of domestic violence. We shall keep you abreast with details later. Source:LIB Nelson A.Osuala
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