Public Relations Mgt: Ayade, S/South politicians are ‘conceited, greedy & self-centred’ —Utsu


Efio-Ita Nyok|26 March 2017 An influential Nigerian social commentator by name, Simon Utsu, about four days ago took on the tight fisted nature of Nigerian politicians of south-southern extraction especially considering their investment in their public relations management. According to the public affairs analyst south-southerners are 'conceited, greedy and self-centred' being out of touch with the reality of a pro-information 21st century. Utsu who narrated his experience with a south-eastern governor, Ifeanyi Ubah, of Abia State noted that the preeminently selfish south-southern Nigerian politicians would rather expect you to develop article contents and publish same for free for them. 'I don't think there's any group of politicians in the country that are as conceited, greedy and self-centred as those from south-south Nigeria. Most of them seem to be perpetually living in self-denial, they are out of touch with reality most of the time', Utsu began. 'We're in the 21st century -the information age. Political leaders from the other geopolitical zones are very well aware of this and are investing heavily in the media. The other day, I was in the mood to look for a little trouble and took a swipe at Ifeanyi Ubah. Little did I know that he had a retinue of loyalists splashed all over social media. People arose from all corners of social media and lambasted me for days. I didn't have to wait for anyone to tell me to take to my heels. I later got to find out that he(Ifeanyi Ubah) invests so much in media(social media inclusive). 'But you can NEVER see this in the south-south. A typical top politician from that axis would rather expect you to reel out articles on his/her behalf for free. They end up keeping a handful of poorly paid media aides whose image laundering writeups on behalf of their bosses end up reflecting their paltry pay even as they continue to wallow in penury', he continued. Utsu particularly roped in Cross River State Governor, Professor Ben Ayade, and former President Goodluck Jonathan. According to him, the latter politician learnt a lesson from Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Lagos State former governor who employed media profoundly to his credit during the 2015 general election. 'Governor Ayade of Cross River state is guilty of this likewise his immediate predecessor(s) and nearly all the other political office holders from Cross River state. Even Goodluck Jonathan was guilty. He felt politics was all about wearing his fedora hat and waving his hands at crowds every now and then. Tinubu and co taught him how to use the media to one's advantage-albeit the hard way. Ghana's incumbent president and Donald Trump also invested heavily in new media and reaped (bountifully) from it. Need I say more??' Joseph Odok seem to corroborate Utsu when he noted that Cross River State Governor, Ayade, has swindled the management of popular newspaper, Vanguard over the Governor of the Year 2016 award bestowed on him recently where he posited that Ayade is supposed to give Vanguard the sum of N5 million. Whether this is true I can't tell. But, Odok seem to be too certain. Hmmm! I will appreciate your perspective on this publication: are southern politicians stingy with funds especially as it borders on media? Efio-Ita Nyok
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