Cultists, murderers, criminals, ex-convicts, rapists, are aides in Ayade’s gov’t —Agba Jalingo


Efio-Ita Nyok|20 April 2017 
Publisher of statewide popular online newspaper, CRW, and host of The Dialogue with Agba Jalingo has stated that the Executive appointments made by Cross River State Governor Ben Ayade is replete with known cultists, murderers, rapists, ex-convicts and the like NegroidHaven can report. 
Mr Agba Jalingo made the remark recently while endorsing the frown of Gov. Ayade's aide on Students Affairs and Youth Mobilisation, Mr Michael Abuo, who had earlier contended that not every Tom, Dick and Harry should be appointed into public offices especially as means of rewarding loyalty and alleviating poverty. 
Jalingo who referred to some of the governor's aides as cowards also said that part of the reason for increasing crime in the state capital isn't unconnected to the bloated appointments made by His Excellency Gov. Ayade. 
According to Jalingo, 'Prince Michael Nku Abuo spoke the truth yesterday about Governor Ayade's Tom Dick and Harry appointments and some people wanted to crucify him.
'See, Mike spoke the minds of so many other cowards in the government who lack the balls to speak out yet are suffocating from the preponderant inanities.
'I have maintained that not only will the bizzare uncountable appointments in CRS backfire, it is part of the reason crime has sky rocketed in the State.
'I know some known criminals, ex convicts, gangstas (cultists), rapist, murderers who are Special this and special that in Ayade's government.
'At least in Obudu where I come from, there is one who was my primary school mate in Bedia who started stealing yams and goats and fowls since we were small and graduated to robbery and killing people later in life…..he is an appointee in government
'There is one that killed people soteey he was banished from Obudu and he ran away to Lagos for over a decade now until he was also named as an appointee.'
Jalingo particularly drew attention to the fact that some of the senior government appointees are known members of cult groups like Clans, Vikings or Baggars. He suggested a cabinet reshuffle as a palliative for the malaise. Hear him out:
'Even some of those top appointees closest to the governor are known cultists and sponsors of criminal youths who describe themselves as clans or vikings or baggars or whatever criminal gang they belong to.
'Today they are the ones giving imprimatur and temerity to idiots who are disturbing the peace of Calabar, Obudu and elsewhere.
'I see them everywhere when I come to town. They say they are the ones running the town. they own the town now. They brag that nothing dey happen.
'Until the governor does a cabinet reshuffle and offload the unnecessary baggage he has hung over his government in the name of appointments and relieve some of these criminals of the officialdom he has appended to their vices, the gale of criminality hovering over our state will not etiolate'.
So Ayade's government can be defined as 'government of Clans, by Vikings and for Baggars'? Hian! 

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