Ogoja Chairmanship Election, Random Musings on the way forward. “Our Mumu Don do” —Abang Ogon

L-R: Paul Ishabor and Gov. Ben Ayade 
Abang Ogon|14 April 2017 
God willing and things continue to go as earlier scheduled in no time we will have candidates to fly the flag of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) across the state, this morning I wake with both hope and anticipation something new is about to happen to Ogoja.
All thanks to Gov. Ben Ayade, he is the Moses in our Red Sea, with the recent appointment of Eric Anderson as Commissioner he has defined the place of youths in governance, only a fool can doubt it. for those who are yet to conform with this, wakeup jor— “Our Mumu Don do”. 
Like never before, this looks strange to me, youths are gradually considering
what you have inside and not what you have outside. What you have in your library not what you have in the bank. 
What you have in your head and not what you have in your pocket. What you can offer tomorrow and not what you are offering today. The philanthropist you have been before and not the politically driven Santa Clause you just became.
What political value and contributions you have added to the system overtime and not your recent gallivant. What basically you have to offer and what you stand for and not which faction or cartel you belong. How many youths you have assisted to put food on their table and not how many youths you have paid to execute violence. How many youths are under your tutelage and mentorship and not how many youths you have set aside to fight for you. —”Our Mumu Don do”. 
Things are unfolding gradually, the people are asking and answering serious questions by themselves, thank God for Gov. Ben Ayade, his entrance has created youth awareness, his policy of youth involvement vested a sense of belonging and trigger the youths to take political ownership of what’s happening around them. Youths are gradually very reluctant to be instrument of violence, “everybody wan package himself to become Ayade pickin”. Like seriously —”our mumu Don do”.
For those who came in pump and panache thinking that money can buy everything, I hope they are beginning to get a clear picture that goodwill is not bought over night. For those who intend to ride on the wings of violence by dishing peanuts to gullible youths, brotherly —”Our Mumu Don do”.
For those who are not  perturbed about the happenings, let me remind them that the ultimate penalty for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferior, the decision of who leads Ogoja is so serious a business to be left in the hands of political gladiators, please come out and lend a voice —”Our MuMu Don do”.
For those trying to instigate a fight between the youths by sponsoring violence, my Dear “Our mumu Don Ripe”. Nobody plays Rugby while holding a raw egg, the days of sending youths against themselves while sleeping in their mansions and their own siblings are abroad has expired, Ayade don come! —”Our Mumu Don do”.
We have asked and answered all our questions, we know who have been with us from time immemorial, who know who is truly our own, he has shared with us in thick and thin, he has contributed in all of the struggle, he has acquired the needed capacities, we go follow our own, the one that knows us and the one we know, Barr Paul Ishabor all the way.
—”Our Mumu Don do”.
Finally, for the Paul Ishabor supporters, Rev up your base, grid your loins we are getting ready for the real deal, don’t be deterred by their tricks and many lies that they have the backing of the government of the day, one thing we can continue to assure you, His Excellency is people-oriented, he won’t foist any unpopular candidate neither will he allow any body to bundle popular opinion and exchange it for a brief case, stay out of violence and unnecessary argument, nobody fights Rugby while holding a raw egg. God is not man, only at the end shall they remember that “vox populux vox di” but however —”Our Mumu Don do”.

Abang Ogon 
Is a Social Commentator