When corruption becomes a necessity, Princewill Odidi, Int’l Dev’t expert explains

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Mr Princewill Odidi
Efio-Ita Nyok|6 June 2017 
Princewill Odidi, international development economist, Monday, stated that when the basic earnings of an individual cannot take care of his elementary needs,at such a point corruption becomes inescapable NegroidHaven can report.  
The Atlanta-based social entrepreneur who differentiated between ‘basic sustenance’ and ‘luxury’ observed that Nigeria, Africa’s most populous country, by reason of its organisational design encourages corruption. He thus stated that corruption isn’t intrinsic in the country but a category of human creation. 
By sound economic policy and efficient administrative legal system according to Odidi said that corruption could be eliminated. 
His words, ‘When a man’s basic wage is Not commensurate with his basic sustenance, NOT luxury, then you encourage corruption. At that point corruption becomes a necessity not a choice. 
‘The organization of the Nigerian state by design encourages corruption. It is not inborn neither is it in our DNA. Corruption is man made, it can also be eliminated based on sound economic policy and efficient administrative legal infrastructure’. 
Odidi in essence highlighted two types of corruption, namely, that necessarily born out of the need for basic survival and corruption born out of greed. According to him, the former ‘should not be confused with corruption borne out of greed like the stealing and concealing of billions in holes and apartments’.
What’s your take on Odidi’s submissions? I couldn’t agree less, what about you? 

Efio-Ita Nyok
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