Is Senator Victor Ndoma-Egba actually running for Senate again? —by Ceejay Ojong

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22 September 2018 
I read about this not from his direct publication but elsewhere on social media . So, I have doubts about his consenting or having consented to any such unholy pressure or hazardous action that will definitely ruin the intended results. Luckily he has not expressly so declared to the best of my knowledge                                                       
Nevertheless, I believe that he has every right to run. But in good faith, I do not think he should run. I made this opinion known to him directly. I care for his reputation and I believe it will end up being brutally wounded in that gamble. Don't mind the noise from a few here and there hoping for some benefits from his current position or scheming for some strategic personal gains from any such misadventure. 
BTW he cannot be Senate President if the expectation is that PMB or any other northerner emerges as the next President of Nigeria as is likely the case. Being Senate President should be the next desirable and logical thing to expect or wish for since he has formerly been a Senate Leader. But Presidents and Senate Presidents have always come from the same larger respective geo-political divide of North and South in Nigeria since our return to democracy in May 1999. 
Without crystal-ball gazing one can easily say that the next Senate President is most likely coming from the North. The Sen. David Mark vs President GEJ experience was only an exception that was allowed because of the circumstances of President GEJ's initial emergence as President of Nigeria. Sen. David Mark was already Senate President under President Yar'Adua from same region before the coming of GEJ, who was also not that power-hungry and allowed things to be the way they were. But I can tell you with certainty that it won't be the case in the 9th Assembly with a President from the North-end of the country. 
Let's be wise and not tempt God! The graveyard it is said is filled with men whom we once thought were indispensable. Again, most people who don't understand how to leave the stage while the ovation is loudest run the risk of being dishonoured, shamed and bowed one way or another. May that never be the case. Amen!
We can also learn from the enviable and revered Asiwaju B. A. Tinubu. For all his high national clout and influence, he has not held elective public office for more than 10 years: 2 years or so as Senator, 8 years as Governor. His magic has been about building people, grooming younger leaders and giving opportunities to those with talent, capacity and intellect to be their best towards changing lives and advancing society. A worthy lesson on why 'me, myself and I' can hardly enhance our spheres of influence or ultimately advance our local society!
I write this with a clear conscience and serious concern for a very senior relative, highly accomplished and well-respected Nigerian.  I also write as an indigene of Ikom LGA and registered voter in the Central Senatorial District of Cross River State.
Ceejay Ojong