PDP CRS Primaries: Some Last Minutes Rigging Strategy after Media Awareness

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Joseph Odok|30 September 2018 
All aspirants whose clearance were withdrawn from contesting the primaries have been cleared. A Rigging plan to Return 90% of National Assembly members and Ayade has been perfected  
The National Chairman Uche Secundus have directed the National Publicity Secretary has to issue notice of clearance to all aspirants that bought forms to contest primaries. 
The delegates list are on the chest of Ayade and some caucus members of the National Assembly. No one should expect any publication of delegate list before the primaries. The elections will be manipulated in favour of the Governor and majority of  National Assembly members that have been approved. 
Impunity will manifest itself in a way that everyone will be given a cloak of acceptance to avoid litigations that will blur the chances of the party. 
The party have concluded plans to rig the election for an unpopular Ayade because he has threatened to leave the party if he fails in the primaries.  PDP is desperate for Governors and legislators and are ready to bend all rules to accommodate them because they are billed to fund elections. Till this moment Hon Emmanuel Ibeshi the leading gubernatorial aspirant has not set his eyes on the delegates that have been locked up somewhere by Ayade.  The impunity will play out in the characteristics Liyel Imoke style in a way that  the most unpopular candidate will emerge if considered by the cabal set up to manipulate the system. 
Take it to bank, the elections will be manipulated in favour of Ayade however unpopular he is. 95% of those whose names where removed from the list of contestants will fail the elections. However popular they are,   they will be denied access to the delegates.
If steps are taken in the right direction, they can force Uche Secundus to do the right thing because he is a mole without direction and one man with the right connection in PDP can make him act to include his name. The organs of the party are not important to the party like some individuals each according to how much he can influence his interest by monetary inducement. 
For tomorrow gubernatorial elections a concocted delegates list only known to Ayade will be used to right the elections in favour of Ayade. 
It is  sad that when APC is going for direct primaries, PDP is still with it's crude style of impunity.
Joseph Odok 
Social Change Agent