Sen. Rose Oko ‘on the run’ from Cross River North during Yuletide —Constituents

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Sen. Rose Okoji Oko suspectedly ‘on the run’ from constituents during 2019 Yuletide ! 
27 December 2019 
The lawmaker representing Cross River North Senatorial District at the National Assembly NASS, Senator Rose Okoji Oko PhD has been called upon December 2019 repeatedly to return to members of her senatorial district and do good by them this yuletide NEGROIDHAVEN can say authoritatively. 
The argument from commentators is that Sen. Oko is the Chairperson of the Senate’s Trade & Investment committee, and whereas the economy for this year, according to the argument, is bad, she shares in the failure as a public officer and should cushion the effect through gifts during the yuletide especially to widows. Again, it is a tradition for elected officials to get gifts during this season of celebration as some of her colleagues at the NASS etc has done unlike her. 
In the words of one Simon Utsu, ‘From the beginning to the end of Cross River, Abuja based politicians are returning home to spend the Christmas with their constituents. At least I’ve seen photos of my Federal Representative, and the Federal Rep for Ogoja/Yala and even the Senator representing Cross River Central(Onor Sandy) celebrating with his constituents back home. Sandy has been moving around the wards distributing gifts to his supporters and the less privileged alike. Legor has been giving out cars here and there. Someone buzzed me from Ogoja to tell me that Jarigbe “made their Christmas”. According to him, it was a gift galore with hundreds of widows being blessed beyond measure. 

‘Where is my Senator in all these? Where is the beautiful Senator Rose Okoji Oko? Mama, the people that voted for you are not in Calabar neither are they in Abuja oh. Why are you running away from Cross River North? I overhead someone from Yala crying that Senator Rose had abandoned them since she won the elections in March. That she no longer takes their calls even though they worked so hard for her. Madam, for once, stop being stone hearted. If you don’t want to do anything for your people, at least being a widow, you should try spending the Christmas with your fellow widows back home in Northern Cross River. You cant be in Abuja singing “Felix no be Dad” and all kinds of Christmas carols when widows from Obanliku through Bekwarra to Yala are groaning from the pains of financial agony. The economy this year country wide hasn’t been good. You’re the Chairman of the Senate’s Trade & Investment committee, so you have a major share in the blame -on the horrible performance of the economy this year . Let’s leave that for now. You just have to go back home before the end of this year and spend quality time with the constituents of your senatorial district.’
One Thompson Idagu Yeche Ugaga corroborated Utsu thus: Compliment of the season distinguished senator Rose Okoji Oko. Ma’am, there are so many ways to make those who gave you the mandate that you’re currently enjoying  happy on this season of Christmas.  They said a swiftly flowing river can have a calm surface, even as it grinds the rough edges off rocks. Kindness is like that. It calmly smooths out the rough patches in life and helps lubricate friction between people. 

‘Nothing is too big and nothing is too small. Kindly show some love to your people this season and put smile on their faces. The picture you’re seeing beside you is a little window’s mind  of Prince Akwase to his people somewhere at Okuku Yala local government area of Cross River State yesterday. God bless you ma’. 
One Ochi Anthony Onah quipped thus: ‘Were are his media men? Oyi, Riwo, Offiono and Mr Ebriku make una come help una madam out oh. Oga boss @ Utsu God bless u for this write up. She’s in Abuja organizing parte after parte for her children.  I believe and I no that she will never sick for any elective position again so let her gather 💰 💰 for her retirement. Complement of the season’. 
What could be scaring Oko from Cross River North during this year’s Yuletide? Is all well in spirit and body of the distinguished lawmaker? Or, beyond making laws and performing oversight functions does Oko owe members of her senatorial district any Yuletide gifts? Is this plain stinginess? Like Ochi observed, her aides are yet to respond.