Picture of the Week: Full-blown tree growing on C’River Waterboard Ltd admin office

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This photograph was taken on Wednesday 9th December 2020.

It features a full-blown tree on the roof of the building housing the administrative office of the Cross River State Waterboard Limited, CRSWBL located at Marian Road, Calabar.

You find this view when you enter the facility of CRSWBL from the second gate, which is by the eatery called, Pepperoni.

The admin block of Cross River State Waterboard Limited as at Wednesday this week

Symbolically, the photograph suggesting abandonment could be said to reflects the state of public water supply by CRSWBL in Calabar nay Cross River.

NEGROIDHAVEN on behalf of Nigerian taxpayers resident in and indigenous to Cross River is charging the board, management and staff of CRSWBL to remove the shrub over their admin block as well as fix the epileptic public water supply system across the state.