Calabar Rain in Pictures: I thought it was the end, thunderstorms lighted electric bulbs… Residents

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These are gory pictures from scenes of the aftermath of the stormy rain downpour on Thursday in Calabar the Cross River capital metropolis. Trees were uprooted, roofing sheets flung off their the top of buildings, properties destroyed, businesses affected. Government buildings were not left out.

Hope Wadell Training Institute, Calabar

Cultural Centre as well as the General Hospital Calabar seen to be the worst hit especially the Ante Natal Ward of General Hospital. Odemonke Ibiang a blogger who witnessed the effect of the stormy rain at the Hospital has this to say: ‘I feel so sorry and heart broken right now as I speak. My sister was admitted to the general hospital and thank God for safe delivery, but as I speak, the post natal ward where newly born kids are kept is in severe ruins and bad condition. Kids and women who went through CS are inside water and all the windows are not closing, children are at risk, Madam Commissioner for Health Dr Betta Edu your attention is needed here so you can see for yourself and sympathize with these mothers and their new born babies.

‘Attention: Sir Benedict Ayade Dr. Linda Ayade our Queen mother… I can’t stand the sight of what I’m seeing right now. Please┬átag everyone that needs to see this to this post and share until it gets to them, we need our systems fixed’.

There was palpable fear yesterday, some residents in Calabar thought it was the apocalypse preached by religious clerics.

General Hospital, Calabar
Ndidem Usang Iso Road

According to an OAP with state-owned broadcasting corporation, CRBC, Mmakamba Eyoma, she said ‘Second heavy rain and more tears. Is this what’s going to happen throughout the season? Dear Lord, please don’t let this continue. Tales of woe already coming in… Pictures of affected buildings/properties have started making the rounds. Hope Waddell, Cultural Centre, Shopping centre(Hewett), Nyok Esu and counting. God please help us’. Iso Bassey Edim said ‘Marian was terrific. Many Cars had to wait for almost one hour during the rain… Flood overruns Parliamentary road in Calabar, submerge cars and houses’.

Senior Special Assistant to Gov Ben Ayade, MrVictor Ekpo Ita disclosed that ‘Wind storm in Calabar, Cultural Centre Complex is the epicenter!’ Arikpo Williams confirmed it when he said: ‘Very sad. I was speechless and traumatized when I saw the damage at cultural center caused by the windstorm yesterday.’

On Twitter, @manlistic said ‘Rain fell in Calabar today and caused destruction in high places. Residents be thinking judgment day is come’ @onyekachiwilson said ‘Like I was legit scared thinking it was the end,the thunder legit gave light to our bulbs. We just had to switch off our fones Biko

Officials of the Cross River State Ministries of Environment, Health and the Calabar Urban Development Authority are going round, collecting debris caused by yesterday’s rainstorm etc. A government media aide said ‘Keep calm, the government is fully aware of the wreck. Wherever you can help by removing trees and other obstacles blocking free flow of movement around your area, please do so.’