TRENDING: ‘Just love him’ …Anonymous lady tattoos Gov Ayade’s photograph on her body

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There’s a trending photograph on Cross River cyberspace: it is a picture of a tatoo inscription as well as photograph on the rare of an anonymous lady which reads accordingly ‘Just love him’, and the photograph of the Executive Governor of Cross River, Ben Ayade, by the side.

The photograph has incited numerous reactions across a wide spectrum of netizens. Some are of the opinion that the lady is looking for favour in the form of an appointment from the state governor or other kind of gratification. Others have condemned the act outrightly saying she is foolish.

For instance, Edem Ekpo Okon reacted thus: ‘Pathetic is the word. Lost soul.’ Kelvin Chianan said ‘She is looking for food on the table, and definitely she will have plus car’. Victor Oguma is of the opinion: ‘New appointment loading. She go get SA Tattoos of recognition.’

But, Akwagiobe Daniel Atiangkpan opined: ‘Certainly His excellency is a Celebrity and should be celebrated. We all have that one thing we think might make us have connection.. I think this is hers. I pray Sir Ben Ayade see to her expectations’. Adie Akpo Angilini said ‘People have right to choose what they support…After all, we have been seeing this with some people.’ George Alobi ‘Everybody for this life get him own lover…. Ayade is not exempted.’