Ndigbo is this another Form of Modern day Colonialism?

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To all my friends who’re Nigerians of Igbo extraction, please I wish to understand whether we’ve a sitting Emir or Oba in any of the sub-national entities that comprises South Eastern Nigeria, namely, Abia, Imo, Anambra, Enugu and Ebonyi?

If the response is in the negative, can anyone explain why Chief Emmanuel Ezenweiyi parades himself as Eze Ndigbo, that is, King of Igbo in Calabar where there’s an eminent traditional stool, the Obong of Calabar?

If the response is still in the negative, Why is Ezenweiyi disregarding the resolution of the South East Traditional Rulers Council of 2018 where it, through a well-circulated newspaper advertorial, particularly Sun Newspapers, had banned the use of the title of ‘Eze Ndi Igbo’ in diaspora by any one?

On what logic is Ezenweiyi disagreeing with the decision reaffirmed at the last meeting of South East Traditional Rulers Council held at Enugu in November, 2020, where it quoted the Chair of Abia State Traditional Rulers Council as saying that the EZE IGBO title in diaspora is against Igbo tradition and should be abolished? (see Vanguard newspapers of November, 25, page 26, titled ‘Igbo Monarchs battle Eze Igbo in diaspora’).

Given that in 2004, when the idea of the said controversial title was muted, the then Obong of Calabar and his Obong’s Council describing such title as grossly disrespectful to the traditional Institutions in the State, stripped two Igbos the title of “Ada Idaha Ke Efik Ebrutu’ conferred on both some years back;

Given that On October 20, 2018 during the OHANAEZE IGBO DAY in CROSS RIVER STATE, where the controversial coronation of Eze Ndi Igbo (KING OF THE IGBO) came up again, the Cross River State Traditional Rulers Council upon hearing about the coming event issued a Press Statement reiterating its earlier opposition to the title and coronation as it were over the years,

Is this not instructive enough to Ezeweiyi that, the idea under review is “impositotry, malicious, vexatious, offensive and insulting to the traditional rulers in South East and the host traditional institutions in the communities where such exist”?

If the response is in the negative, why did prominent Nigerian businessman, Dr Innocent Ifediaso Chukwuma the founder and CEO of the famed Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing, during the 34th convocation of University of Calabar was led to visit Ezenwenyi as King in Cross River instead of the Efik eminent traditional stool, the Obong (that is, if he’s to visit a traditional ruler at all)?

The characteristic hospitality of the Efik should not be misunderstood as weakness. Or, is this another form of colonialism in modern day Nigeria by an indigenous group against another indigenous ethnicity?

Efio-Ita Nyok
Saturday, 3rd April 2021
Calabar, Nigeria.