REVEALED: What’s Hindering CallyAir from Flying in and out of Calabar

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For those of us in Calabar thinking of travelling with this airline, that wish may not be possible for now. 

A close source from the aviation sector told me two things hindering CallyAir from flying in an out of Calabar.

1. He said that traffic on Calabar route is quite less for the size of CallyAir.

2. He told me that since the airplane is operated by Aero, and Aero has since left Calabar airport, it will be difficult for the plane to ever land in Calabar for now.

He summarized by saying that unless a smaller aircraft is purchased for CallyAir with a return of Aero operations in Calabar, then and only then will passengers from Calabar be allowed to board CallyAir.


Original title of article is: ‘CallyAir has commenced full air operation on Lagos-Abuja-Portharcourt routes.’



-By George Odok