Murder for human body parts increases in Delta state

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Killings for human body parts has spiked in Delta state NEGROIDHAVEN has confirmed. It has been reported that the trend is increasingly becoming prevalent in Delta state a subnational entity in Nigeria’s south south geopolitical zone. 

According to data made available by PIND Foundation these killings are to help these faceless humans of the underworld fetch designated body parts for organ traffic and ritual purposes.

‘At least 50 incidents of killing for human body parts were reported in the State between January 2017 and June 2021. Recent data indicates an increase in killings to harvest human body parts for organ trafficking and ritual purposes in the State.

‘In March 2021, for example, a 39-year old woman was reportedly abducted from her farm and murdered by suspected human parts dealers in Obiaruku community, Ukwuani LGA. Her vital organs and other body parts were allegedly harvested. In May, a 13-year old girl was reportedly killed by a cleric who allegedly removed her heart, kidney and other vital organs in Agbor town, Ika South LGA. Recently, on August 03, 2021, a 50-year old woman was reportedly raped and murdered for ritual purposes by two young men in Umeh community, Isoko South LGA. Her eyes and other vital body parts were reportedly removed’, PIND disclosed on her website recently.