“That God May Be Glorified” Being a Press Statement in Respect of 2022 Edition of Youth Swagger

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Ladies and gentlemen, the year 2022 is here again with another edition of the annual musico-evangelical festival, Youth Swagger. 

Recall that Youth Swagger was envisioned years back as an evangelical tool to win souls into the Kingdom of God through intense worship and praise, even much more by the various gospel line ups we gather each year.

Interestingly, this year’s edition will feature –Chidinma, GreatMan Takit, Simon Douglas and a galaxy of many other stars.

With the line up of A- and exquisite list of artists, this year’s Youth Swagger promises to be an atmosphere set for God to be worshipped, exalted by us His Sons and Daughters so that he can move in the power of His might to save, heal and deliver through His Holy Spirit!

It is expected that everyone in Calabar and beyond who loves good music and every one who needs Jesus too as Lord and Saviour but may not know it…It’s for every one…old, young, mama, papa, grand pa..children ,.everyone and I mean every one!

This year’s theme: “That God May be Be Glorified” was inspired by the Holy Ghost that indeed our God may be Glorified.

The implication is very simple … Every detail you will experience in that venue when you come in, is deliberately created for the Glory of our God! It is to showcase the splendour and beauty of God… He is the reason!

The itinerary for this year’s edition goes as follows: Wednesday the 13th of April, with Free Hair Cuts by professional barbers, and Free medical outreach Including Eye Care Education, malaria test and treatment, distribution of mosquito treated nets, and lots more.

Thursday 14th, is the ‘Steps of the Cross’..where we will have thousands of young people hit the streets of Calabar, wheeling a replica of the Cross through designated streets of Calabar with trucks, sounds and gospel disk jockeys, proclaiming the name of Jesus Christ as Lord over the city of Calabar, Cross River as a whole.. It will be mind blowing!!!

Then the mother of it all on the 15th of April, Youth Swagger. Expect the unexpected, “That God May be Glorified”.


Remain blessed.


Pst Idem Ita, Pastor , Special Duties, Grace Network Evangelical Outreach (Grace Consulate), Monday 11th April 2022