Group observes International Mother Language Day

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International Mother Language Day was observed on February 21 by the Efik Leadership Foundation (ELF) NGO to raise awareness of our many different languages and linguistic cultures especially Efik language NEGROIDHAVEN has garnered. 

The day was also used to encourage the protection and preservation of the many different languages spoken around the world.

Student participants at the event in Calabar (credit: ELF)

To mark the occasion ELF held a workshop with students from the Government Girls Secondary School, Big Qua Town. The speakers, Ben Okon (a Lecturer with Arthur Jarvis University) and Jennifer Nakanda spoke on the topic “Multilingual Education: A necessity to transform education”.

Our Efik mother tongue has a significant impact on our Efik culture and traditions, contributing significantly to our intangible cultural legacy; like oral Efik history, Efik songs, and ancestral knowledge of the Efik ethnic group.

A copy of the Efik Language Book by F. X. Una (revised by the Efik Leadership Foundation) and an Efik Calendar of 2023 was present to the Principal of the School Mrs Arit Onaga by the Executive Secretary of the Efik Leadership Foundation, Prince Ekanem Asuquo.



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