Komomo Obeten should be appointed state Director of Social Welfare… CPN insists

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Civil society networks in Cross River have tasked that the principles of fairness, professionalism and precedence should characterise the appointment of the state Director of Social Welfare NEGROIDHAVEN can report authoritatively.

This is following an alleged ongoing tussle at the Ministry of Humanity and Social Welfare (MHSW) which aims at scuttling an established precedence in the practice of such appointment.

Child Protection Network Nigeria, CPN particularly urged that the state government should appoint one Komomo Obeten for being the most senior civil servant at the Department of Social Welfare.

According to the state coordinator of Child Protection Network, Nigeria CPN, Kebe Ikpi who sighed a press release side-by-side with Cletus Bassey the secretary, ‘As at the time of this release, records at the office of Head of Service show that Mrs. Komomo Obeten is the most senior officer and the person to become the Director of Social Welfare – just as it has been done in the past.’

Observing earlier, the press release noted that, ‘Child Protection Network (CPN) Cross River State has become aware of the leadership succession tussle at the Department of Social Welafre, Ministry of Humanity and Social Welfare (MHSW) and thus calls for principles of fairness, professionalism and precedence to be followed in the appointment of the next Director of Social Welfare.

‘The protection and welfare of children in the State cannot be complete without a functional Social Welfare Department and the tussle of who becomes the Director of the department is capable of affecting service delivery, thereby exposing Violence Against Children (VAC) survivors to more harm.’




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