University of Calabar Law Students Protest against Dean Amid Sexual Harassment Allegations

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In an unprecedented turn of events, female students from the University of Calabar’s Faculty of Law have taken to the streets in protest against their dean, Professor Cyril Ndifon over allegations. The demonstration has ignited a fierce debate on social media platforms, drawing attention to a myriad of serious allegations against the academician NEGROIDHAVEN has garnered.

The students, who appeared resolute and determined, held placards aloft with messages condemning what they perceive as injustice within the institution. The protest has garnered significant attention, with Twitter and Facebook users expressing their support for the students and calling for accountability.

A particularly alarming claim has resurfaced, alleging that Prof. Ndifon was suspended in 2015 over accusations of raping a law student. The students are questioning how he was reinstated and subsequently appointed as the dean of the Faculty of Law, casting aspersions on the integrity of the university’s leadership.

The controversy has also shone a spotlight on the University of Calabar’s institutional dynamics. Speculations are rife that a culture of impropriety involving lecturers may be pervasive within the institution. Some social media users have opined that the students’ allegations might not be isolated incidents and could reflect a broader trend.

One user, however, provided an alternative perspective, suggesting that the students might have been coerced into protesting. This assertion is met with skepticism from others, given the apparent passion and determination displayed by the protesting students.

The matter has caught the attention of prominent figures, including Dr. Joe Abah, who was called upon to lend his voice to the situation. The debate highlights a broader issue surrounding allegations of sexual misconduct within higher education institutions and calls for the establishment of independent investigations to address such concerns.

In response to the allegations, Professor Ndifon allegedly defended himself, attributing the accusations to political rivalry. He emphasized that he had emerged victorious in contested elections for the faculty’s deanship, which had possibly engendered animosity from opponents.

While the controversy rages on both offline and online, it is evident that the issue raises serious questions about the state of affairs within the University of Calabar. As public pressure mounts, stakeholders within the academic community and beyond are urging for a comprehensive and unbiased investigation into the allegations against Professor Ndifon.



Disclaimer: This news report only summarises the social media conversation and reactions and does not confirm or disprove any specific allegation. The intention is to provide an overview of the online discourse surrounding the protest and related allegations.