Calabar-based Prophet Predicts Positive Turn of Events, Urges Prayer

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Calabar, NigeriaEvangelist Effiong Ephraim of the Rescue Mission Embassy has recently made a series of predictions, touching on various aspects of life in Nigeria and neighboring countries. The prophetic insights have generated interest and concern among many who follow his teachings NEGROIDHAVEN can say.

In a prophetic message, Ephraim foretold an upcoming celebration in Rivers state, accompanied by the interception and destruction of a notorious criminal’s shrine in the creeks. This individual, alleged to have been involved in the deaths of both civilians and security personnel, was referred to as “2baba” and described as short in stature. The prophet’s message seemed to suggest that the end of this criminal was imminent.

Ephraim also warned of a potential outbreak of communal conflict in Abi, urging vigilance among those in farmland areas. He called for peace and prayed for the prevention of violence.

Another prediction centered on a sitting minister being replaced through a conspiracy. Additionally, the prophet mentioned the emergence of a new chairman for the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) in Nigeria, describing the individual as “totally corrupt.”

Regarding Edo State, Ephraim foresaw a shift in political power to another party. In Cameroon, he spoke of the sound of drums symbolizing the celebration of a new government coming into power.

The message included a call for prayers for Lagos state, where the prophet claimed to have heard something like an explosion that affected the air for several days. However, no specific details were provided.

On a positive note, Ephraim predicted an increase in economic activity in Odukpani, anticipating the development of housing estates and increased business operations in the area.

In a sign of victory against kidnappers in Cross River state, the prophet predicted the interception of a major criminal. He concluded with a call to pray against a recurrence of sorrow at Marina Resort, an iconic location in Calabar.

Prophetic messages like these often spark debate and reflection, with some considering them as spiritual guidance and others as speculative. Believers typically use them as a basis for prayer and reflection on societal issues.




Please note that the content of this news report is based on a prophetic message under the tag: Prophetic Watch, and should be treated as such, with an emphasis on individual interpretation and belief.