Festival of Glory Thrives Through Faith, Prayer, and Undiluted Word of God, Says Pastor J. I. Okoro

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Calabar – The renowned annual Festival of Glory (FoG), which has been a spiritual cornerstone for nearly three decades, is not just an event; it is a powerful manifestation of faith, fervent prayer, and the unwavering belief in the Word of God. Pastor Joseph I. Okoro, the Senior Pastor of Bible Christian Crusaders Mission (BCCM) and the convener of FoG, sheds light on the remarkable longevity of this annual gathering during a recent interview in Calabar in preparation for the 2023 edition of Festival of Glory NEGROIDHAVEN can report.

Pastor Okoro articulated, “Well, what I will say… because you know when things happen, many times, you might not be able to explain it in physical terms. But, what I will say that has been responsible for this thing is number one, the presence of God that we experience during the program. It is a high turbo-charged spiritual programme.”

Pastors Joseph Okoro (L) and Johnson Ibiang (R) in Calabar

The Festival of Glory is characterized by intense prayer sessions, a deep connection with God, and a unique emphasis on taking responsibility for one’s faith. It is more than just attending a church service; participants pour their hearts out to God, fervently praying and placing a demand on the Scriptures.

Pastor Okoro continued, “People come, and then we spend time in praying, dealing with issues of our lives, it is not a matter of going to church and hear sermons. We are taking responsibility and then we place a demand on the Scriptures, that whatever God promised us, he can perform.”

The secret of FoG’s enduring success, according to Pastor Okoro, lies in the tangible results people experience. The presence of God is palpable, and attendees are moved to pray with faith and conviction. The program has been a source of countless testimonies over the years.

“I think this is where it is: one: the presence of God is massive and mighty, and then two, it is that people come pour out their heart to God and get results and three, the word of God that is preached here is undiluted,” Pastor Okoro added.

The FoG, with almost 30 years of history since its inception in 1996, continues to attract individuals seeking spiritual rejuvenation, deep prayer, and transformative encounters with God. It remains a testament to the enduring power of faith, prayer, and the unadulterated Word of God.

This year’s edition will feature Bishop Humphrey Erumaka (Lagos), Prophet Isa El-Buba (Jos), Rev. Felix Ulor (Port Harcourt) and Rev. Sam Ihenachor with the theme: ‘It shall spring forth’.



Efio-Ita Nyok reporting from the ancient port city of Calabar.