C/River Rep at NDDC Celebrates Children’s Day, Emphasizes Education and Healthcare

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As Nigeria marked Children’s Day on May 27th, Rt. Hon. Orok Duke, the Cross River State NDDC Representative, joined in the celebrations, emphasizing the crucial role of education and healthcare in shaping the future of the nation. He called on parents and community leaders to prioritize these areas to ensure a bright future for every child NEGROIDHAVEN can report.

“We have a task as parents to give our children the education they deserve,” Duke said. Reflecting on the challenges and uncertainties of the future, he underscored the enduring wisdom of the Biblical adage, “Train a child in the way he should go, and when he grows up, he will not depart from it.” This, he stressed, remains a guiding principle in nurturing well-rounded individuals.

Duke highlighted the critical responsibility parents and society have in molding the future through their children. “We have a duty to mould the future, and this future will be reflected through our children,” he noted. “The foundation of their upbringing must be given proper credence if we must make meaningful progress.”

Expressing his commitment to education and healthcare, Duke stated, “For me, I place great premium on education and healthcare delivery.” He believes these are the cornerstones of a thriving society and essential for the well-being and development of children. “I leave my doors open to meaningful engagement that will better the lives of the children,” he added, encouraging others to adopt the same approach.

Duke’s message resonated with many as he emphasized the importance of starting efforts to improve children’s lives immediately. “You too can do the same, and the time starts now,” he urged. This call to action is a reminder that improving children’s lives is a collective responsibility that requires immediate and sustained efforts from everyone.

The Cross River State NDDC Representative also spoke about the need for community involvement in supporting children’s education and health. He advocated for collaborative efforts among schools, healthcare providers, and community organizations to create an environment conducive to children’s growth and development. “Community support is vital in ensuring our children receive the best education and healthcare possible,” Duke said.

Duke further called on policymakers to prioritize funding and resources for educational and healthcare programs. He believes that investing in these areas will yield significant long-term benefits for the country. “Our government must allocate adequate resources to education and healthcare to secure the future of our children,” he emphasized.

In his address, Duke acknowledged the efforts of teachers, healthcare workers, and caregivers who play an integral role in children’s lives. He praised their dedication and hard work, noting that their contributions are essential to the success and well-being of the younger generation. “We must appreciate and support those who are at the forefront of educating and caring for our children,” he said.

Concluding his Children’s Day message, Duke reaffirmed his commitment to advocating for the rights and welfare of children. He pledged to continue working towards policies and initiatives that enhance educational and healthcare systems in Cross River State and beyond. “I will remain steadfast in my commitment to our children’s future,” he declared. “Together, we can build a better tomorrow for them.”