SPECIAL REPORT: Bishop Emmah Isong’s 86 Mind-Buggling Prophecies For 2015A.D!

Reading Time: 8 minutes

By Efio-Ita Nyok

On the eve of 31 December 2014, as it is usual with some religious leaders, Bishop Emmah Isong at the Faith Mansion World Center, City of Testimonies, Ikot Eneobong, 8 Miles, Calabar, Nigeria made some startling prophecies on subjects of both local and international significance. The Sunday Edition of Negroid Haven thought it wise to make available these prophetic propositions as we begin the new week. Happy perusal!

As prophesied by His Lordship, Bishop Dr. Emmah Gospel Isong
On 31st night of December, 2014.
At Faith Mansion World Center, City of Testimonies, Ikot Eneobong,
8miles, Calabar, Nigeria.
1. The year 2015 shall be a year of MORE AND MORE of God’s blessings, positive increases in all areas of life. (Psalm 115vs. 14)
2. It shall be a year of growth in spiritual, marital, financial matters. Those who are thirsty and hungry for more shall receive in 2015 in Jesus name.
3. There shall be ABUNDANCE OF REVELATIONS, increase in knowledge, scientific breakthroughs and discoveries especially in medical cures.
4. There shall be COMPLETION OF LONG STANDING PROJECTS and open doors for those visions and programmes that have been pending for long.
5. The spirit of divorce, CELEBRITY DIVORCE will loom in 2015. And some of those divorce shall be backed up with false doctrines.
6. UNITED NATIONS will not fold their hands and watch what is happening in Nigeria again. There shall be special intervention scheme as moved by Committee of African Nations.
7. An UPCOMING PASTOR IN THE NIGER-DELTA shall be under severe attack, but with intense prayers and fasting, he shall overcome the devices of Satan.
8. There shall be revival of strange HEALING MIRACLES in 2015. God shall once again manifest himself as a mighty healer and deliverer. Cripples shall walk, blind eyes shall see.
9. Watch out for the sign of the end time even in DRESS CODE, especially for the women; short shinning, tinkling and seducing clothes are demonic, they are of the devil. Don’t let anybody deceive you that they are modern clothes, they are demonic. If you are a Christian sister, you must dress up to cover.
10. COCOA PRODUCT returning as one of the main stay of the economy. Investors in cocoa shall greatly profit in 2015. Government policy towards cocoa shall be favourable.
11. There shall be emphasis on GIRL-CHILD EDUCATION. Motivating infrastructures will back up girl-child education.
12. 2015 shall experience GREAT ORDINATIONS of many prophets, pastors and apostles especially in the Body of Christ.
13. Be careful of CULTURAL MATTERS so that you do not compromise your faith in 2015. Do not say, in cultural matters, “It does not matter”.
14. It shall be too painful for IVORY COAST (Cote d’ Voire), but GHANA shall endure and survive it. Please don’t ask me the meaning.
15. EXPECTING MOTHERS should start celebrating for their miracle children in 2015.
16. 2015 shall be a year of SUPERNATURAL ELEVATIONS AND PROMOTIONS. Someone will be lying down in the afternoon; they will wake you and tell you that, you have just been given an appointment.
17. BUSINESS DOORS shall open more and more in China and India. China and India will fast be substituting and competing with Dubai and America.
18. COMMUNITY POLICING shall be encouraged to stop the sporadic effect of terrorism in Nigeria, which seem to be tending to the south, but is stopped by a miraculous hand.
19. 2015 shall be a year of POISONING. Be careful where you eat and drink.
20. There is a stormy flight but it will not crash (one of you will be sitting on seat no. 5D).
21. 2015 shall be another beautiful year for the NIGERIA CUSTOM SERVICE as they flag up new policies that will counter crime and boost the economy.
22. 2015 is a year of MIRACULOUS MARRIAGES, dedications and anniversaries.
23. Good news for SIERRA LEONE ON EBOLA. There shall be extinction of Ebola in 2015 in Sierra Leone and that will bring hope for other African countries, thus says the LORD.
24. Pray for EDO STATE: Edo State shall experience a new form of political shaking. Strange things will happen, but God shall intervene through prayers.
25. More stringent laws on CHILD SLAVERY and emphasis on human trafficking, and application of international laws in Nigeria.
26. Pray for IKOM in Cross River State against political bloodshed and violence. Ikom shall be the center of bloodshed in Cross River State politics, but if we pray, God can have mercy.
27. A CLOUDY DAY in 2015. People are taking photographs; it is very colourful and photographic, but it is a sign of the end time.
28. There shall be a popular new well advertised ALCOHOLIC DRINK in the market. It will be so popular, but it will promote drunkenness. Please don’t be tempted.
29. If you want to go into new field of studies that has future in this country, that will of high demand, GO AND STUDY ECONOMICS OR AGRICULTURE.
30. WOMEN SOLIDARITY, especially for their inclusiveness in electoral offices. I see women matching to Aso Rock.
31. MINISTERS OF THE GOSPEL seem to be facing a common enemy and in 2015, there shall be a coming together and unity of ministers from different churches and denominations.
32. In 2015 FOUNDING FATHERS of Nigeria, our heroes past, shall be immortalized, not just honoured, but immortalized. I see their photographs and their memories being immortalized.
33. I see RED COLOURS, people wearing red. I don’t know the meaning.
34. 2015, A year when the nation’s Federal ARMY shall be retrained, empowered and motivated. The Nigerian army shall enjoy international collaboration that was lacking.
35. A lot of government parastatals, e.g. the NTA (Nigeria Television Authority), shall go through major reformations, but first they will experience a shaking. Their staff should brazen out.
36. ENGLISH TEACHERS shall have reason to celebrate in 2015 because of doors that will open for them nationally and internationally.
37. RIVERS STATE shall be nominated as a model state in Africa and shall receive international awards.
38. NIGERIAN SPORT: there shall be introduction of other sporting activities to diversify from football and soccer.
39. YAR’ ADUA: IMMORTALIZATION of Yar’adua has become good news for the family of the former president. This legacy though it shall be internationally applauded, but it shall be locally resisted and a subject of debate.
40. 2015 shall be a year of EXTREME HOT WEATHER; intense heat wave, shall extend from the north to the southern part of the country.
41. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: A popular politician, especially John Kerry will be going through political storm, but it will bring him an elevation and promotion. He will reign and rule in American politics.
42. ISRAEL again shall be in the center of the news. Pilgrimage will be reduced and restricted and it will affect Israeli international relationships.
43. WHEAT shall be promoted as a substitute for rice consumption in Nigeria, and many other food crops will enjoy substitute in Nigerian food crop consumptions.
44. 15th January, 2015 prayer is required to avert INTERNATIONAL OR NATIONAL OCCURRENCE that will shake the calendar.
45. Prayer is needed three times for the DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO. They will go through some shaking.
46. FARMING will be promoted in Nigeria economy. Farmers will enjoy governmental support more than ever before.
47. The ECONOMY OF NIGERIA shall be shaken, but this will bring about diversification from mono economy of dependency on oil.
48. The Lord says, “I will sift this nation like a woman sifting wheat to separate the chaffs.” Though the process shall be painful, but at the end, my will shall be done in Nigeria. Nobody should be afraid, a shaking is coming in Nigeria, but it will establish the will of God.
49. I saw the BROOM TURN INTO TWO. One of the bundles of broom is fitly tied, very healthy and together, but the other bundle is divided, saggy, the robe loosed and scattered and no longer holding together.
50. In OUR CHURCH this year, it shall become venue for victorious ceremonies and celebrations.
51. The rise of FULANI WOMEN MOVEMENT. They are fully with their Islamic covering, but they are opposing terrorism. They are lending a voice together with the federal government against the current terrorist activities and they are shouting, “Enough is enough”.
52. High cases of planned attack on TEENAGERS, rape cases on the increase, but all these shall be exposed and bulged in 2015. Therefore, 2015 is not a good year for rapists and child abusers.
53. CONSTRUCTION COMPANIES will make money this year. Construction companies owners should get ready to work.
54. FEDERAL GOVERNMENT INTERVENTION IN A HIGH PROFILE LEGAL MATTER, according to them because of public interest, but it is meeting with vehement public protest.
55. FISHING: great prosperity is in the sea, the Lord is telling people like he told Peter, “Go to the sea”. Your money is in the sea. Fishing will bring high source of revenue, both to the government and to those that will enter the business.
56. A popular WOMAN POLITICIAN IN CROSS RIVER is going to receive a boost politically and would be lined up among the prominent.
57. I see powerful POLITICAL OFFICE IN NIGERIA. I can describe this office: the Lord took me in a trance. In the revelation, the national flag was there but nobody was sitting there for sometimes.
58. ISLAM IN NIGERIA should be careful lest, they shall make a mistake.
59. NIGERIAN FOOTBALL FEDERATION crises getting deeper and deeper as leadership tussle continues.
60. Looming unending STRIKE BY NIGERIAN DOCTORS continuing to wreck the nation’s medical sector.
61. STANDARDIZATION OF RADIO AND TELEVISION BROADCAST. Many of you should encourage private television.
62. Pray for TIGER WOODS, he is again in the eye of the news, though facing also the peak of his career.
63. In 2015 all of us should pray, “Lord save the QUEEN OF ENGLAND”.
64. In 2015 BE CAREFUL OF SOME RELATIONSHIPS that may land you into trouble. Not everybody that should be your friend. That is why this year you must keep sowing on the Altar of God.
65. This year 2015; you will never say THE TIMES ARE HARD, because this year some people will say the times are hard, but it shall not be from your mouth. For you when others are saying, there is a casting down, you will say, there is a lifting up in Jesus name.
66. If you can sew wrapper materials and make designs with it, then you are a millionaire in 2015. It will give you money; import and export.
67. Learn LANGUAGE INTERPRETATIONS; in 2015 it will give you a breakthrough
68. 2015 a year of ACQUISITION AND EXPANSION OF LANDS AND LANDED PROPERTY. Some of you will no more remember the spelling of landlord.
69. Another business that will flourish is FURNITURE SHOWROOM. Why waste the wood and the leather, God has given you wisdom, develop classical furniture, you will be blessed.
70. Those of you that do not own BANK ACCOUNTS you need to own one. And those of you with bank accounts, you need to demand for a card; visa or master card. Prepare for a more drastic and compulsory fiscal and banking policy in 2015.
71. Strange OUTBREAK OF BABY OR CHILDREN SICKNESS. Water borne disease among babies. We cover our children with the precious blood of Jesus.
72. INTERCEPTION AND CONFISCATION OF LARGE ASSEMBLY OF ARSENAL OF DANGEROUS WEAPONS AND BOMBS, and that is what will save Nigeria in 2015. Pray that they should discover that depot.
73. 2015 ELECTIONS shall be like a coat of many colours with dots and shades of different parties; some gaining, some losing in several places. Where you were confident, you will fail. And there shall be great surprises.
74. FEBRUARY shall be a difficult month but those who trust God shall experience overwhelming peace.
75. A STRANGE POLITICAL WIND SHALL BLOW IN CROSS RIVER STATE, it will be initially damaging, but later it will be encouraging.
77. GOVERNOR AKPABIO shall overcome his enemies, but will lose his friends.
78. Pray against CONFUSION IN AKWA IBOM STATE, especially immediately after the election.
79. In temperate regions, 2015 will give them the most SEVERE WINTER they have ever experienced.
80. Pray against BREAST CANCER ON WOMEN. Any woman with attack on your breast, take olive oil and touch that growth or point on your breast and call the name of Jesus seven times. The Lord says, “any woman that shall do that, every cancer on her body shall disappear” because the name of Jesus is greater than every other name including cancer.
81. Severe cases of PUBLIC AND PRIVATE BUILDING COLLAPSE due to technical failure forcing stringent policy measures on construction industry.
82. 2015 is a year of COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY IN NIGERIA, new skills will be developed, new inventions in communication.
83. The PAPAL EMPIRE will be shaken this year 2015. God save the Pope in Jesus name.
84. The year 2015 is a year where MAD PEOPLE AND MENTALLY RETARDED PEOPLE shall receive great succour from the powers that be.
85. In this year 2015 we pray against UNTIMELY DEATHS of family members. Some of you i decree they will not tell you condolence, they will tell you congratulations!
86. International controversies over FRENCH TERRITORIES just like Russia versus Ukraine’s case.