TECHNOLOGY: Nigerian Students Selected to Partner with Microsoft Corporation.

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​By Eyo Ene-Okon

​The 21st century  I.C.T learning environment  is yielding positive results, as over seventy-five more students from twenty-five Nigerian universities where selected as Microsoft Student Partners (MSPs) during the Microsoft Nigeria Student Partner On-boarding Event, which took place at Elizade University, Akure, Nigeria.

Presently-active in over 100 countries around the world, and 27 universities in Nigeria, the Microsoft Student Partner (MSP) programme is an educational and promotional program to sponsor undergraduate students majoring in disciplines ​​related to technology including Computer Science, Computer Information Systems, and Information Technology among others with the aim to enhance their employability and increase their awareness of Microsoft technologies.

Moreso, these Student Partners have been offered training especially in product-specific skills not typically taught in the academia, including knowledge of Microsoft technologies.

The Developer Platform Evangelism Director, Microsoft Nigeria, Oyeshina Oyetosho, who spoke at this year’s on-boarding event said that while the MSP program aims to increase awareness of Microsoft products, programs and initiatives, it consequently helps expand the user base of Microsoft products, and results in better availability of properly educated workforce in those technologies.

Explaining the selection process he said; “These MSPs were earlier selected as “Buddies” by the existing MSPs and have been monitored and groomed for the past several months and were selected upon their achievements and immensed contribution shown over the period of time.”

He reiterated the goal of the Microsoft team as to; commitment in the continually drive of skill acquisitions and innovations amongst Nigerian students.

According to his remarks, the Vice Chancellor, Elizade University, Professor Valentine Aletor said, “In the global economy today, the knowledge sector is the fastest growing sector, with this growth being majorly accelerated by ICT.”

According to him, ICT doesn’t limit man’s capabilities; man limits ICT capabilities. He further noted that ICT helps to ensure youth employability in the commercial sector and Elizade University is interested and open to partnerships that will help to create start-ups and spinoffs from staff and students within the University.”

Becoming a Micro Soft Partner is a rare privilege with high exteem status for any Nigerian student, giving them an advantage over a fresh knowledge of the applicable ICT industry. Besides that, they will enjoy other vast opportunities such as having global portal access to the latest news, actions, events, worldwide forums, resources and photo gallery.

Other benefits are attending technical events hosted by Microsoft, and receiving software giveaways, betas and resource kits, and other promotional items such as posters, flyers, campus launch kits and the likes to be used in campus.