HEALTH : 11 reasons Why You Should Eat More Cabbage.

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By Lizzy Adie. 

   cabbage is a leafy green or purple biennial plant, grown as an annual vegetable crop for its dense leaved heads. 
1. Cabbage contains Anti-inflammatory to reduce aches and pains. 
2. Immune system support to prevent cold and flus. 
3. One of the most effective remedies in healing stomach ulcers. 
4.  Reduces risk of cancer by showing tumor cell growth. 
5.  High in fiber, making it an effective colon cleanser. 
6.  Helps clear problem – prone skin. 
7. High in B vitamins for nervous system support. 
8.  Support the circulatory system and helps lower LDL cholesterol. 
9. Contains more Omega – 3 oil per calorie,  than salmon.
10.  High in calcium and support bone maintenance and stamina. 
11.  Used for the treatment of constipation and a good source of Thiamine.