POLITICS : Jega Registers 5 Million Under-aged Northerners!

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By Lizzy Adie. 

It is expected that from age 18 years,  a citizen of Nigeria is eligible to register for election. But now under-aged voter registration has been recorded in the northern States by Prof. Jega, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC)’s Chairman. It is reported that over 5 millions under aged have been registered by INEC Chairman with the awareness of the All Progressive Congress (APC) leaders.  

The question becomes: Who is now fooling who? If this story is anything to go by, it impels any thinking Nigerian or observer of Nigeria’s political space to question the quality of ‘change’ the opposition party in Nigeria is promising.

This bring to mind the last general polls where Muhammadu Buhari, then the presidential candidate of the Congress for Progressive Change CPC, is alleged to have imported Chadians to cast their ballot in the 2011 polls.

Any ways, ‘change’ is an ambiguous concept. As such, the presidential candidate may have been correct when recently he contrasted between ‘change’ and ‘transformation’. 

I rest my case.