” EXPERIENCE is not a ‘conditio -sine-qua- non’ for Employment & Global Politics “- Unical Philosopher Queen Contends.

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Nelson A.Osuala [ 9 November 2016]

Edidiong (Didy Castro Godwin), is a Facebook User, a graduate of Philosophy from the renowned University of Calabar.

In this piece, She airs her views as it regards what She supposes the word " Experience" should imply contrary to popular belief.

She juxtaposes her argument with current trending issues affecting Education, Employment opportunities for young Champs; Nigerian society and the global political arena.

Her submission are breath taking and sensationally logical. But for clarity we have edited a few words.

Below is an excerpt of her views as culled from Facebook,

"The concept 'Experience' should be taken into review…

The so called 'experience' is what has led us into this mess we are all in today. It is what would still led us into degrading positions..!

Young graduates who are competent for Jobs  are devoid means of livelihood with the so called experience (5years experience, 7years experience) etc.


Politicians are given positions because of experience…. But, what has experience really done.
As I ponder on it, the more it becomes clear that the term experience in Nigeria differs from the lexicon explanation.

In Nigeria, experience connotes number of years in the business of corruption without being caught; Number of years without a plan or positive ideology;  Number of years without any positive change. 

Now, how has experience affected Nigerian political sphere and the economy at large?.

America's  decision has really brought out the true meaning of Change, Experience and Freedom.

It has shown that you can be anything you want to be without being ridiculed. It has shown that we are the Change we desire.

It has also shown that political positions are no birthrights!

Americans do not want History to repeat itself as in the case of Margaret Thatcher of the United Kingdom. Don't get me wrong, this has nothing to do with feminism.

Hilary Clinton is a wonderful politician, smarter than many politicians out there as she had served in various capacities in different regimes in American politics, I respect her so much.  But much as I do, this has nothing to do with patriarchal society or dominance. 

Let's face the truth, UK lost its stronghold when Thatcher became Prime Minister.

Americans knows this, that's why they preferred to vote in a black man(Obama) than a female, even if that action would bring about some loopholes.

To them,voting in 'a candidate with experience' wasn't happening in some people's lifetime!

In some 3rd world countries, women wouldn't even be given a chance to run for a governorship not to talk of Presidential election.!

Transparent and violence free election.

Life and standards are evolving…

Nelson A.Osuala
Is a Blogger & the Associate Editor of Negroidhaven.org