What Calabar Residents did to lady who stopped by to buy Cucumber from street hawker!

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Beautiful Affiong

Efio-Ita Nyok|9 November 2016

Since the deposed Miss Anambra, Chidinma Okeke, sex tape scandal went viral online, unknown to some is that public perception seems to have been unusually redefined about some object, event, persons etc.

It will be recalled that on October a sex tape featuring Miss Anambra 2015 having same sex with her girlfriend and fellow pageant winner Adaobi Nzekwe leaked to the public. The incident evolved into a scandal. However, prominent in the same sex tape that leaked was the fact that Miss Okeke was seen to be using a fruit, Cucumber for self-servicing herself before Miss Nzekwe offered a helping hand towards advancing the racy experience.

Yesterday, a scene almost erupted at a street in Calabar where one beautiful Miss Affiong Ndem who, while on her way to the office, stopped by to buy Cucumber. Miss Ndem had stopped a street hawker who was selling the said fruit and indicated her interest to buy when to her surprise after purchasing the fleshy edible and made to leave the spot, she discovered all eyes had been on her.

She may have been surprised and wondering why the fixed gaze on her. Little did she know that she had purchased 'the forbidden fruit'. It was later, probably after she must have arrived at her office or while still on her way that it done on her that the reason behind the unusual gaze may have been because of the Cucumber she bought.

See how Miss Affiong articulated her experience:

'Wow…. stopped a guy along the road today to buy Cucumber and one needed to see the way some people were looking at me. I don't really understand what's the big deal in me eating Cucumber or even using it for whatever purpose?'

This incident occurred at Edgerton Street in Calabar metropolis yesterday. I think not all girls, ladies etc are lesbians. This doesn't mean we don't have them in town. Again, not all girls, ladies who you find a Cucumber with, uses such as a sex toy. Cucumber is still an edible fruit and will always be.

But, I must confess that it baffles me what people are do for fame, power, money etc! The Holy Writ must be right when it said that the love of money (not the money itself) is the root of evil.

Efio-Ita Nyok
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