CONFESSION: “Lack of Quality Play Time made me Quit Football”- J.J Okocha.


Nelson A.Osuala [23 December 2016] Austin Jay Jay Okocha the former Nigerian Football Captain and Master Dribbler hasĀ  attributed his decision to resign early from active football to a lack of quality playing time after long stretched weeks of Training. The internationally renowned erstwhile footballer who always thrill his fans and mesmerizes his opponents with his dazzling t skills performances made thisĀ  shocking decision to retire from the football game in 2008 at age 34. A time in which he could be described as reaching his prime and still having more to offer the world of sports. According to the Nigerian Olympic Gold medallist- a one time, African best footballer of the year, his decision to retire was preempted by a lack of quality play time at the pitch. In his words: "I must confess that not getting a lot of playing time was the main reason why I retired from playing at a very young age,” He said. According to our source, Okocha made this startling confession at a press conference organised by Star Times. For him, “…it is not worth it to train from Monday to Friday just to have 20 minutes on the pitch or sit on the bench on Saturday. I am very competitive.” The amazing football midfielder who last represented Nigeria in 2006, had to his credit a total of 14 goals having appeared for the Super Eagles 75 times. Austin Jay Jay Okocha, was during his active football career for Nigeria, one player who have been often described as a Game Changer by Sports Analysts. Nelson A.Osuala
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