“4 More Years!”: Americans Scream, Throngs Twitter Handle over Obama’s farewell Speech.


Nelson A.Osuala [11 January 2017] Last night, President Barack Obama bid farewell to the American nation and the american dream as he delivered his valedictory speech in Chicago. During his oratory farewell address, he declared that "he hadn't abandoned his vision of progressive change" (LIB) He spoke about the challenges; the heavy burden of leadership and also the need to regularly brace up for criticisms which often times can be motivating and at other times discouraging. In his remark about progressive politics which stalled Washington, he admitted that  "for every two steps forward, it often feels we take one step back." During the speech, the voices of Americans broke through clouds as the chants of "Four More Years' filled the air and thereafter, Twitter social media  went agog as depicted above. Mixed reactions trail the comments that ensue. Nelson A.Osuala
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