A Threat to Peter Inyali’s Life and the Urgent Need for Governor Ben Ayade to call his Aides to Order


First Baba Isa|13 January 2017 Few days ago I was briefed and my legal services retained by Peter Inyali, a young Cross Riverien and resilient critic of the Ayade-led administration. The young man is being hunted down because of his criticism of the Cross River State Governor. Infact he met and briefed me in Ogoja after fleeing Calabar fearing for his life. Most politicians would love to dismiss the concerns my client raised as a political gimmick. But I'm a lawyer and my duty is the protection of the utmost interest of my client and not the permutations of political gimmickery. A list of names and phone numbers connecting to the threat against my client was compiled and sent to my contact in the State Security Service and the preliminary investigation and phone tracking has thrown up some interesting facts. The truth is that some persons (names withheld) are threatening the life of my client. The Governor of Cross River must call some of his aides and loyalists to order. Some cultists and miscreants who have been glorified with political appointments don't know their job description. They think threatening political opponents and critics is a governmental responsibility. The Governor must call them to order, that is if he is not the one sending them against my client. The Governor, with all due respect, should not be seduced with the megalomaniac allure of immunity. May the day never come when he will be called upon to answer for his sins or that of his overzealous aides. Though it is only the Governor that can say "amen" to this, let him and his aides be reminded that such a day exist. The Governor must lead the charge in expunging the idea from our political ecosystem that those who don't agree with you are your enemies and those who criticize you are your detractors. Peter Inyali has the inalienable right to criticize anyone or hold an opinion contrary to that of anybody no matter who that person is. To threaten him for exercising that right is alien to democracy and illegal in all its ramifications. And this is where we draw the line. We are activating all legal machineries to defend our client and uphold his right to free speech. As the SSS continues investigation into the matter, we make bold to say that those harassing Peter Inyali will soon dance the music of justice. Those of you who have been calling to threaten him and share conspiracy theories; and those who have been threatening him online… The long arm of the law will soon catch up with you. Let nothing happen to Peter Inyali! First Baba Isa, Esq.