I just Sidon Dey Look: Ayade and his plans to Decamp to APC —Joseph Odok


Joseph Odok|27 January 2017 One thing is sure the 'governor say' syndrome that previously defined Cross River State politics may not play significantly in events that will define 2019 elections. 'Governor say syndrome ' appears to end with the reign of emperor Liyel Imoke. Recall that the 'governor say syndrome' of Liyel Imoke  imposed any stooge Imoke wanted on the people: all candidates of the governor won the election at least through rigging or through the court. Recall how Senator Rose Oko was declared a senator and eventually sworn in despite the fact that she was not around to sign nor buy her pre-election nomination form, nor go through a process of campaign nor primaries nor participate by voting and being voted for. Prediction spell doom for Ayade in 2019. These are some of things that will shape the Cross River State politics of 2019. 1. PDP the strongest structure of political influence in Cross River State have been completely buried by the government of Ayade. Before now PDP had solid structures to win elections either by hook or by crook. With Ayade, PDP is strangulated in Cross River State. Ayade's refusal to attend the PDP governor's forum leaves more to tell. Cross River State PDP is in comma. 2. Ayade has began building structures to unseat most serving house of Assembly Members in the upper and lower chamber. This will fight him back at the appropriate time. 3. Ayade has perfected plans to impose all local government Chairmen and councillors. Ayade believes that since he succeeded in rigging the PDP primaries, it will be an easy task to select core loyalist as manager of local government in order to expand his political structure. Many people however, are watching him to see how he intends to achieve this big dream. 4. Ayade plans to dump PDP for APC yet in APC there exist a strong force ready to frustrate him if he eventually comes. I just dey look, me I go do opposition within APC if Ayade eventually Decamps to APC. 5. Ayade has great hope that his appointees are hungry and with monies saved through embezzlement, he can always throw money around and get his ticket come 2019. Ayade's major threat was JD Agba, it does appear some political horse trading is ongoing; time shall define things. 6. Ayade's main structure is his political appointees that seems not to believe in in. Most political appointees have openly come out to criticize the governor's policies, most sell useful information about the corruption and nepotism in Ayade's government. Many are immature and an embarrassment to their constituents, others are so hungry that they can't build any structure. The question is how far Ayade can go while banking hope on his many appointees? 7. Ayade is poised to destroy the Liyel Imoke's dynasty, Liyel is rumoured to be strategizing to fight back dirty. Rumours have it that some House of Assembly Members are planning a surprise; the surprise may begin with the impeachment of the Speaker perceived to be pocketed by Ayade and Frank Ayade. Then next plot is to impeach Ayade immediately after John Gaul Lebo have been impeached. John Gaul Lebo's greed has been rumoured to be the  obstacles and the reason why the 8th Cross River House of Assembly had remained rubber stamped despite the many impeachable offences of Ayade. 7. The abysmal performance of the governor may be the stumbling block to his return in 2019. The governor relies on the fact that money politics is the defining character of Cross River State, his commitment is to safe as much money as possible. The governor believes that money can buy power in Cross River State
Na Sidont look I dey, 2019 is so pregnant. Joseph Odok
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