Member of CRSHA goes berserk, fights dirty with Change Agent, airing dirty laundry in public!


Efio-Ita Nyok|5 January 2017 The Honourable Member representing Ogoja State Constituency at the 8th Cross River State House of Assembly, Mr Peter Odey, has said unprintable words in public in reaction to a social media thread a popular social commentator made recently. On 4th January 2017 Barr. Joseph Odok made a 7-paragraphed thread on his Facebook timeline which bordered on revealing that one Yala-born Chief Akwaji Offiono nee Kwase loan-funded the 2016 Christmas largesse of Honourable Peter Odey to his constituency. Odok particularly noted that Kwase disconcerted the Ogoja Representative, SA Due Process, SA Project Monitoring appointees of Governor Ben Ayade. Kwase according to Odok cautioned these three public officers from evolving into beggars having played second fiddle to Gov. Ayade. This piece of information from Odok must have understandably infuriated Odey who threw caution to the wind, losing all sense of decorum and honourability which his public status requires. In particular, Odey has called Odok such names as 'drunk', 'pig', 'lair', and even veered into Odok's marital life in a cheap attempt to blackmail the controversial public affairs analyst. What follows are excerpts of Odok's thread, Odey's responses and incited reactions from the observant public. Joseph Odok:
Abuja based, Yala born money bag embarrasses State House of Assembly member Hon. Peter Odey and other Ayade's Appointees An Abuja Yala born money bag Chief Kwase took a swipe at Hon Peter Odey, the SA Due Process, Okadigbo, the SA Project monitoring, and the DG Due Process who had gone to him seeking for soft loans to enable them celebrate Christmas with their constituents Chief Kwase could not hide his disappointment as he frowned at the fact that Hon member representing Ogoja state constituency and other aides of governor Ben Ayade are in open embarrassment of the governor for seeking for soft loans while serving in the Ayade's administration. Addressing the Hon member representing Ogoja constituency, Chief Kwase could not hide his embarrassment that a member of the State House of Assembly has turned himself into a beggar. More disappointing is the fact that Hon Peter Odey had lived a comfortable life in London before leaving his comfort zony to contest for the state house of Assembly. Chief Kwase held that he cannot continue to provide bread for Hon Peter Odey after supporting him during elections It will be recalled that the of Cross River State government had given each house of assembly member a paltry sum of one hundred naira as Christmas bonus. This amount fell short of the demands of the constituents; hence the extra miles taken by Hon Peter Odey and other Ayade's Appointees to go for soft loans Dismissing the team led by Hon Peter Odey, Chief Kwase showed his embarrassment that Ayade's Appointees have turned themselves into beggars. He urged them to resign their appointment if they cannot meet the simple obligation of celebrating Christmas with their people. Giving them a fatherly advice Chief Kwase held that the appointees should rather develop better ways of building themselves than become glorified beggars. Wonders shall never end, which way Cross River State?' Peter Odey:
Regina, first I don't want to join issues with a drunk who want to play to the Gallery. Akwse number is 08064027555. Please confirm from him if he was home for the Xmas or new year celebration. The Man in question should rather join issues with the young man sleeping with his wife and leave me to enjoy my holidays. This is 2017 please. Peter Odey:
Well I have been advised  not to join issues with a pig.  I will respect that. Again u didn't see me. I only advised my  brother to let u off because u were too  drunk for any meaningful conversation. I had expected u will show gratitude. Again I was wrong. Peter Odey:
Nice to know u have other numbers for him. U should have crossed checked your facts before writing rubbish. My only regret is I didn't allow the police to lock you up when drove into my car in calabar two weeks ago completely drunk. Perhaps you would have had bigger fish to fry than blackmailing people. U are very nice. Like I said I regret letting u off d hook easily. First it was your ghost now another lie. God help you. ***Viewers who read the proceedings between Odok and Odey have stood for either of the two individuals. For instance, one Koko Dan has said that, '
Peter Odinga your response is wrong of a law maker. We rely on your laws to guide our daily engagement. Why introducing issues of immorality ? Are u saying that its right for a man to sleep with another mans wife? .As a law maker why not use this as an opportunity to pass a bill curbing such act? .Come on Hon. You have got to respect your honourable office. Critics target public officials for all they care …Your feed back should always reflects your office and exposure……. Think about it dude'. However, Abang Ogon has contended against Odok thus: '@Joseph Odok, when did you completely go mad? This is the fattest lie you have told in your entire life, it is directly from the pit of hell, I swear Before God and man I spend 80% of the yuletide with Hon Peter Odey, I was the organizer of his Christmas outreach were he spent over 1.5 million, the money for that gesture was made available to us in hard currency far back 15 December, for security reasons I won't disclose the direct source of the funds to you. But please stop allowing the devil to use you'. Dear readers, do you think the Honourable Member acted honourably or dishonorably in attacking the person of the social change agent names other than addressing the subject? Or, was Odok in the first place wrong putting up the thread affecting Odey? Air your views, please. Efio-Ita Nyok
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