U.S not taking Chances, adds Bin Laden’s son to their Terror Blacklist, See Reasons.


Nelson A.Osuala[6 January 2017] Information reaching our news desk avers that the son of late terrorist kingpin and al-Qaeda leader, Osama Bin Laden have been included into the U.S. counter-terrorism blacklist.  This move certifies the young kid as an  enemy to the most powerful nation on earth. A curse which his late father incurred on his generation! To buttress the foregoing, a press release from the U.S State and Treasury departments, on Thursday, has it  that they have designated the duo of Hamza bin Laden and Ibrahim al-Banna, a senior leader of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula as global terrorists. My Query: Isn't the U.S going too far, going by this decision? Isn't this action of theirs another version of religious sentiments and racial reductions? Will this not have a far reaching negative effect? Is there really something as the Blood feud? Shouldn't we take another critical look at the Holy writ's injunction that "the sins of the Father would be visited on the Children to their 4th generation?" Could this be the rationale behind their action on the 'innocent' boy? Should the U.S be applauded for this action or no? Tell us your take. Nelson A.Osuala
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