Beyoncé Vs Adele -by Simon Utsu


Simon Utsu|23 February 2017 Saying Adele is a better musician than Beyonce because the former is a better vocalist is very unfair to the art of the later! It's akin to saying R Kelly is better than Bob Marley because he's a better vocalist or that 20th century artist, Pablo Picasso was better than renaissance artist, Michael Angelo. Beyonce has been in the game for nearly 20 years. In that period, she has churned out hits, successfully morphed(style and brand) severally and amazingly stayed scandal free! She deserves much more than being downgraded into such comparisons. Beyonce's strength isn't her voice, it's her art! Her dance routines, ability to invent, re-invent her music etc. Adele is the best voice on radio now no doubt but she's barely six-seven years old in the game. We need to give her another 10 years before making this comparison. For now, any such direct comparison would expose the naivety of the 'comparer'‎. Simon Utsu
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