CHAIRMANSHIP AMBITION: The Unsorted Issue —By Emmanuel Oko Ogar


Emmanuel Oko Ogar|10 February 2017 Declan Ogar-Genesis' ambition of becoming the next CHAIRMAN of Yala LGA to me is a laughable attempt. So far, as S.A. to the Governor of Cross River State, CRS on Youth Affairs, I wonder what he has done for his immediate people or the youths of CRS in general. Or better still, benefited from the government even as an aide to the Governor in charge of a vital set of people in the state? To a plethora of folks, they see chairman of a local government as a 'puppet' of the sitting governor which to a reasonable extent is valid, especially if they are of the same political party. And so, can do little or nothing on his own even as Chairman of a council. Being one of the foot soldiers of the governor and as one young man who single-handedly publicized Ayade and embellished the man's candidature into the hearts of many politically conscious electorates in the state both at home and in diaspora, one can hardly see him as an appointee of a governor unlike some of his counterparts mostly from the Obudu axis. I see many of them whom their appointments were made at that initial time in comfortable offices with official government vehicles and many building houses and living very comfortable in Calabar and elsewhere. But, on his part, no difference. I understands, he doesn't even have an office to operate and discharge his statutory responsibility. WHY? Your answers are as good as my observation! Note worthily, Declan Ogar-Genesis was the only young man from Yala LGA who featured himself openly canvassing for sincere supports for Ayade right from day one apart from those who were under Ayade's payroll as Senator's aides. Even when many others were still contemplating and waiting for the direction of the then governor and the party. Sometimes, when I come across him trekking along the streets and almost begging for food to eat and still eulogizing the governor, I pity him. When you go close to him, he reverence Ayade as if the governor is his demigod. I try to check very well, if the young man is actually normal. Especially, now that I am hearing he is very much interested to become Yala LGA CHAIRMAN still under Ayade. I remember, before Ayade declared his intention of running the Cross River State governorship election, Declan was one of the few youths barking and raising their voices furiously and ferociously to the world that it must be Prof Ayade, else, Cross River State may not have a governor after Liyel Imoke. Wasted and fruitless venture you may conclude? Now, the question is that what has he seen differently in Ayade that others could not see, such that he is behaving as if he is so ready to die for Ayade? The opinion is mine, whoever that pick offense by this may present a sound logical rebuttal. Personally, I don't have any qualm with the young man or his appointment or whatever he aspires to become whether a puppet or not. But, as social crusader and an indigene of Yala, I must air out my view without fear or favour. Let me rest my case for now and see how its goes. Ogar, Emmanuel Oko.
Social commentator and experimental writer.