MADE IN MALABO: an Incisive poem of a former Malabite’s experience in UNICAL


Peter Francis Offum|18 February 2017 Like ships arriving a Harbour,
We all came to Malabo,
Where everyone is a neighbour,
As we engaged in academic labour! A peculiar community,
Where citizens dwelled in solidarity,
There's a sense of responsibility,
That fosters national unity! There was 'kparakpoism,'
Maybe, a euphemism,
For tribalism,
In students' unionism! They always talked about macbite,
Here, for breakfast, we talked about Uduakbite,
For lunch and dinner, we had our Yugobite,
And there was always something to bite! The filth couldn't stir a sense of sorrow,
The stench couldn't becloud our hope for tomorrow,
There were times we had to borrow,
So, it was the right path to follow! Now, we can smile,
As we have a quality file,
Albeit, our stay was for a while,
Sometimes, we trekked beyond a mile! Our weapon was not a knife,
As pens could quell a strife,
Strangers met and became friends for life,
As someone has found a wife!     PyTa PhRaNk Offum