DEFECTION GALE: Sen. Owan-Enoh rattled by YDP’s Praise Achima Eju’s 10 posers! See for yourself


Efio-Ita Nyok|22 April 2017 
On Saturday 22 April(the day that was slated for the defection of the Senator representing Cross River Central Senatorial District at the Senate) the Chapter Chair of Young Democratic Party (YDP) in Etung LGA, Mr Praise Achima Eju, took a swipe at Senator Owan-Enoh in a social media thread tagged, 'Owan Enoh defection from PDP to APC. Why every right thinking youth shouldn't move' in which he projected 10 posers to the Senator. He challenged Owan-Enoh to answer 5 out of the 10 questions satisfactorily if he could. His 4th question is interesting according to pundits. 
Reportedly, NegroidHaven has learnt that the thread caused serious stir amongst the camp of the distinguished lawmaker. In fact, it's been garnered that the lad has been under threat from some quarters. 
Eju, a graduate of Agronomy, has particularly asked Owan-Enoh whether the likes of Victor Ndoma-Egba SAN and Okoi Obono-Obla would allow him free access to pick the party's ticket for the Senate. He also asked whether the APC he intends to emigrate politically to is now the new breeding ground for mortgaging the future of Nigerian youths. Excerpt:
'Before you consider decamping to APC with senator John Owan Enoh please ask him the following Question if he answers 5 out of 10 to your satisfaction. Then I wish you all a safe journey
1. Sir What is the major reason behind your decamping from PDP a political party that has given you almost all that you have got on earth today 
2. Is your decamping to APC personally motivated based on your quest  for political survival or a clarion call by your people
3. Has APC become the best party for we the youth to follow you too even when we don't have any SA  below 35 in the Buhari led Administration? If No, so why APC 
4. Hmmmmmmmm
5. Sir if PDP in Cross River State is in shambles as claimed by some of your aids (sic) for being the major reasons for your decamping to APC, having been a card carrying member and a stakeholder in the party for more than 16 years can you deny to the fact that your not among the few that destroyed the party?
6. How do you intend to cope with Okoi Obla and  Ndoma Egba? Will they allow you get your 2019 ticket at a platter of gold or are you negotiating on buying it already.
7. If AYADE is a bad man today and disrespectful to your leadership of PDP, Are you not among the few who brought him to us in 2015?
8. How do you intend to settle the increasing number of internally displaced politician (IDP's) whom your moving to APC will bring about or have your new APC cohorts agreed to give them a soft landing?
9. Will Ramsey Ebam Ndeb be a loyalists to you now that you have joined APC knowing fully well that your (sic) among the few that destroyed his chairmanship dream even when he was accepted by the people.
10. Is it true that APC is the new breeding grown for those who mortgage the future of the Youths?'
Just like Eju noted, can Owan-Enoh really answer five out of ten of the above rattling posers? Time shall tell. 
If Owan-Enoh can't satisfactorily respond to 5 out of 10 of these questions, that is, score 50%, why should any youth or even adult, take Owan-Enoh seriously? 
I am encouraging every politically conscious youths to tow the path of the trailblasing inclination in Eju. 

Efio-Ita Nyok
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