My Worry for Young Cross River Politicians —By Inyali Peter


Inyali Peter|31 May 2017 
I'm very worried over the manner and extent some young Cross River politicians go in an attempt to defend their bosses. It seems to me that we're only united by corruption, sycophancy and pretence but divided by truth; the very powerful tool we need to takeover the reign in our dear state.
While we're here on social media fighting, abusing and issuing all forms of threat against each other because of our political affiliation, the very people we strive to defend are meeting and perfecting plans on how to get us more divided to continue to eat into our future.
As a critic of the current administration in the state, I try as much as possible not to condemn, attack or abuse anybody that thinks contrary to my opinion about the government. I don't even comment on their post. I accept what they do because to me, everybody must not see things from my perspective.
And as a supporter of the APC government at the centre, I don't crucify anybody either for speaking against the government. I hardly comment on their post and if I do, I try to present facts to convince them to see things from my angle.
But on daily basis some youths who should ordinarily appreciate our diversity keep striving to crucify those who critique the state administration. 
Aristotle once said that "You are what you do repeatedly, so your excellence isn't an act, it's a habit.” 
Can we continue in this habit of constantly vilifying and attacking ourselves when our common enemies continue to celebrate our foolery? Can't we accept that in our diversity lies a common goal that we can unite to confront? Are we not aware that our diversity is our strength which when judiciously used, there would nothing too difficult to surmount?
Our common enemy might not be the mismanagement of our resources by reactionary leaders but our ingenuity in realising that what binds us together is much more greater than the sentiment that's dividing us.
We may continue to be PAs, SAs, PAs to Commissioners, PAs to PAs etc  if we continue to crucify and use the strength we should have invested in fighting our common enemies to destroy ourselves. 
Our future is deeply rooted in how much we tolerate our differences today not how much we fight each other on social media to impress the very people we're supposed to challenge.
We don't need to be enemies because we belong to different political platforms or disagree over the performance of any administration! 
Only truth can set is free from the political captivity we're into.
©Inyali Peter
Is a journalist/blogger