The Obudunization of College of Education Akamkpa: Let Documents speak —By Joseph Odok

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Document of recruitment of College of Education, Akamkpa
Joseph Odok|14 June 2017 
Last time I raised alarm over the Obudunizaion of College of Education Akamkpa, people doubted my story. Today after due investigative journalism, I have got documents to back up my claims. Facts presented here are verified and emanate from a list released to top management staff of College of Education, Akamkpa. 
The stamp on the document was carefully removed to avoid any trace to my source of information. 
The imbalance orchestrated by the appointments were the masterminds of the following persons:
1. Dr. Stephen Adah – Governing Council Chairman. 
2. Dr. Patrick Obere Abiam – Acting Provost. 
3. Hon. (Chief) Goddy Ikoi Ettah – Commissioner for Education. 
The list is as follows :
1. Obanliku: 3 Academic Staff, 1 Admin Officer; Total -4
2. Bekwara: 2 Academic Staff no Admin Staff 
3. Obudu : 7 Academic staff, 6 Admin Staff ( 2 Admin Officers,  1 Accountant, 1 Med Record Technician, 1 Med Lab Technician, 1 nanny)  Total – 13 
4. Yala: 3 Academic staff, no Admin Staff 
5. Ogoja : 2 Academic staff, 4 Admin Staff ( 1 Admin Staff, 1 Accountant,  2 Deputy Chief Security Officer, it is worth mention that the Chief Security Officer) Total – 6
6. Yakurr: 3 Academic Staff and 3 Admin Staff ( 1 Engineer to Deputise Head of Works and Services, 1 Pharmacist, 1 Computer Operator) Total 6
7. Boki: 6 Academic Staff and 2 Admin Staff ( 1 Admin staff and I Med Lab Technician) Total 8
8. Etung: 1 Academic Staff and 1 Computer Operator,  Total 2
9. Abi: 1 Academic Staff and 1 Computer Operator,  Total – 2
10. Ikom : 1 Academic Staff and no Admin Staff 
11. Obubra: No Academic Staff and 1 Computer Operator 
12. Bakassi : 1 Academic Staff and no Admin Staff 
13. Akamkpa : 5 Academic Staff and no Admin Staff 
14. Calabar Municipality : 1 Academic Staff and 1 Admin Stuff,  Total 2
15. Biase: 2 Academic Staff,  no Admin Staff, this shows the position of the Deputy Governor in the power game 
16. Akpabuyo : 1 Academic Staff 
17. Odukpani: 1 Academic staff 
18. Calabar South : No Academic Staff, no Admin Staff,  Total – 0
The chairman Governing Council is alleged to be the overlord and  has his stooge in the Acting Provost. 
Information at my desk has it that since the Provost play the script of the Chairman Governing Council, the Chairman Governing Council prefers to leave him in Acting capacity as a provost  instead of conducting interview to make him a substantive provost. 
According to unconfirmed reports, the Provost is allegedly said to have implicated himself in so many transaction to satisfy the large greed of the Chairman Governing Council. The Commissioner for Education is also  allegedly fingered to be a beneficiary of the illegalities that is alleged to be the order of the day in College of Education Akamkpa.  
Worthy of note is the fact that Federal College of Education Obudu has been Obudunized, to be a class Rep in Federal College of Education Obudu, one must be from Obudu. From the foregoing, the Akamkpa people have been made slaves in their land. What is good for the goose is also good for the ganger. Why is the case of College of Education Akamkpa different from the of Federal college of Education Akamkpa 
Equity demands a fair sharing, the released appointment list defeats equity and may jettison the cry for Zoning that the present administration is a beneficiary of. The imbalances is a threat to our zoning formula 
1. The government of Cross River State must as a matter of urgency, call for the cancellation of the released appointment and write his name in gold as a child of equity and fairness 
2. The government of Cross River State must call for the advertisement of the office of the Provost College of Education Akamkpa. It is an abuse of power and due process of law to allow a provost serve for more than 6 months without making him substantive or advertising his position 
3. The Cross River State House of Assembly should as it’s oversight function call for the cancellation of the exercise in protection of Local Government Area not fully captured in the appointment charade. By so doing, they will be seen to be protecting the interest of those that voted them into power. Fairness, equity and justice should be our watch word
See documents attached
 Academic Staff  
North 17
Central 12
South 11
Total =40
Admin Staff 
North 28
Central 20
South 12
Total =60
Total number of advertised positions = 100
Joseph Odok 
Social Change Agent